2010-2011 Academic Year


Role of English as medium of instruction and learning at Eastern Mediterranean University. Role of English as international language in academic, scientific and professional world.


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Listening and note-taking skills Understanding long, complex and specialized text. Writing essays, projects, reports, and academic theses. Presenting work in seminars Publishing in international journals; presenting work through the web and at international conferences.


Academic work requires an extremely high level of English in terms of both range and accuracy. Employers too are looking for employees with top level English language skills.


Therefore, we strongly encourage all postgraduate students at EMU to participate in our English Language Programme.

Students without an international language qualification at an accepted standard, and who score less than 75% on the EMU Proficiency Test are interviewed by the Postgraduate Language Division and placed in the programme accordingly.

In this case, we will simply place you at the beginning of the standard four course sequence.

Like other universities, you have achieved the minimum required standard for entering a course of study. Successfully writing a thesis, publishing and presenting means most of us have to continually improve our skills further.

Four hours a week of classroom-based language work is not a lot. And developing a strong command of English is fundamental to your academic success. It is not taking your time away. In the long run it is saving it.

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Introduction to Academic English (ENGL 503) Academic English for IELTS (ENGL 502) Advanced Academic Writing (ENGL 501) Advanced Academic Speaking (ENGL 504)

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PLD Workshops and Seminars Tutorials Online Support

The first course in the sequence functions at around 6.0 on the IELTS banding system. The course covers all the major language skills from an academic perspective. From the outset, course work is very closely linked with participants own individual academic studies.

In the second course in the sequence, participants develop their academic English skills further with a particular focus on the IELTS exam. The purpose of this course is thus not only to improve academic English skills but match participants reading and writing ability against external internationally recognised marking criteria (IELTS). Participants are therefore prepared for and encouraged to take this test.

The main purpose of this course is to assist participants with planning, developing and writing their thesis, and acquiring the skills and language that will subsequently enable them to produce work of an internationally publishable standard.

The final course in this sequence is dedicated to improving academic speaking and presentation skills for the purpose of thesis defence, and conference and seminar presentations.

Regular workshops and seminars run by the PLD are open to all EMU postgraduate students. These workshops will focus on specific language and study skills issues that are key to success in an academic environment.

This system is also open to all postgraduate students. It provides students the opportunity to consult with tutors over a specific piece of work, and gain individual guidance about how to improve their work.

The cost of each course is $250 dollars. There are four class hours per week, and fifty hours of lessons in total in each course. There is a maximum class size of fifteen.

ENGL 505
For students engaged in postgraduate study in Turkish, but who wish to improve their English for future academic or professional purposes, a more basic course is offered, starting at the IELTS 5.0 level. This course has a particular emphasis on preparing participants for the KPDS and UDS Exams.

Courses at: http://gemoodle.emu.edu.tr Website: http://researchnewsletter.emu.edu.tr
Coordinator: Asst. Prof. Dr. Nilgun Hancioglu at: nilgun.hancioglu@emu.edu.tr Tel: 630 3063

Once students are enrolled in these courses, serious commitment is expected, including regular attendance and submission of work.

We look forward to working with you!

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