Toilet Soaps

Highly fragmented category. Over 250 brands and their variants  Category primarily based on price segmentation  Penetration level : 96%  Total value: Rs 42,000 million (approx)  Total volume: 4.5 lakh tonnes (approx)

Category is Based Primarily on Price Segmentation

Liril, Pears, Dove, Cinthol, LTI

Lux, Hamam, Rexona, Margo, Cinthol Fresh, Lifebouy, Fairglow

Nima Rose, LB Active, Godrej No.1, Breeze, Nirma beauty

Lifeouy, OK, Nirma Bath

Popular Segment Contributes the Highest in Terms of Value and Volume

50.0 40.0 30.0 20.0 10.0 0.0
18.7 10.5 26.1 10.1 37.8 33.4 42.6 20.8

Volume Value





Carbolic soaps d cli


%, whil discount soaps continue to grow @ %

Carbolic iscount Popular Premium


Volume Note : -Q

Popular soaps contributed
50.0 45.0 40.0 35.0 30.0 25.0 20.0 15.0 10.0 5.0 0.0 1999 2000

% of the total personal wash


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Premium Segment

Premium Segment 
Contribution to total personal wash volume : 43,000 tonnes (10.4%)  Contribution to total personal wash value: Rs 900 crores (21%)  Highly fragmented category. Over 100 players and their variants

³Dettol protection. Trusted by doctors.´ 

Functional benefit: 24 hour protects from all types of germs  Emotional benefit: Dettol takes care of my family¶s health ‡ Value : 2.4%
‡ Volume: 3% ‡ SKU : 75 gms, 125 gms ‡ Price : Rs 15 for 75 gms

Liril ³Bindas Freshness´ 

Functional benefit: Freshness  Emotional benefit: Freshness that rejuvenates and makes you come alive ‡ Variants : Icy Cool and Lime fresh ‡ Volume : 1.3% ‡ Value : 2.4% ‡ Price : Rs 15 for 75 g ‡ SKU : 75g

Mysore Sandal ³ Damakti Twacha ke liye´ 

Functional benefit: Sandal wood oil and moisturisers which make the skin fragrant and radiantly beautiful.  Emotional benefit: Timeless beauty ‡ Volume : 0.9%
‡ Value : 2% ‡ Price: Rs 16 for 75 gms ‡ SKU : 75 gms, 125 gms 

Variants: Amber , Oil control  Functional benefit: Pure and gentle skincare with Glycerine  Emotional benefit: Pure and gentle ‡ Volume: 0.85% ‡ Value: 2.27% ‡ SKU: 75 gms, 125 gms ‡ Price: Rs 19.50 and Rs 34

International Lux Skincare ³It¶s not just soap, it¶s skincare.´ 

Variants: Moisturising, Sun Protection, Deep Cleansing 

Functional benefit: Skincare  Emotional benefit: Beauty like a star
‡ Volume : 0.8%
‡ Value : 1.6% ‡ SKU : 75 gms, 125 gms (moisturising) ‡ Price: Rs. 16 for 75 gms

³Gazaab ka confidence, kitna aakarshak´ 

Variant: Lime and Spice  Functional benefit: Deodorant and skin nourishers that keep you fragrant and fresh throughout the day  Emotional benefit: Social confidence ‡ Volume: 0.3% ‡ Value: 0.5% ‡ Price: Rs 14 for 75 gms 

Functional benefit:

‡1/4 moisturising cream keeps the skin soft and smooth ‡ Does not dry skin like other soaps 
Emotional benefit ‡ Helps me feel more feminine
- Volume: 0.2% - Value: 0.6% - SKU : 50 gms, 100 gms - Price: Rs 45 for 100 gms

³Spirit of freshness´ 
Variants: Aqua , Exotic Garden, Caribbean Lemon  Functional benefit: Ingredients like ylang ylang, peach and citrus extract cleanses and refreshes, leaving the skin soft  Emotional benefit: Freshness that transforms me to another world
‡ Volume: 0.1% ‡ Value: 0.2 % ‡ SKU : 75 gms ‡ Price : Rs 15 for 75 gms


Popular Soaps 
Contribution to total personal wash volume: 37.20%  Contribution to total personal wash value: 42.2%  Large number of players

³Lux, koi shaque!´ 

Variants: Pink (Almond), Black (Honey), White (Milk creame)  Functional benefit: Beautiful nourished skin with the goodness of natural ingredients  Emotional benefit: Beauty like a star ‡ Volume: 13.65% ‡ Value: 15.10% ‡ SKU: 100 gms, 125 gms, Multipack (6 × 150 gms) ‡ Price: Rs 12 for 100 gms, 14.50 for 125 gms


‡ Saffron and Sandal ‡ Coconut ‡ Orange 

Functional benefit: Natural ingredients keeps the skin feeling soft and nourished and radiantly beautiful.  Emotional benefit: Admiration
‡ Volume: 4.6% ‡ Value: 5.1% ‡ SKU: 100 gms ‡ Price: Rs 10.50 for 100 gms 

Functional benefit: Goodness of natural ingredients like Lime, Pudina, Tulsi and neem, keeps the whole family¶s health protected  Emotional benefit: Hamam cares for my family, naturally

‡ Volume: 3.9% ‡ Value: 4% ‡ Price: Rs. 10 for 100 gms ‡ SKU: 100 gms, multi packs (6 × 100 gms)

Santoor College«mein? Mummy! 
Functional benefit: Natural ingredients like turmeric and sandalwood penetrates deep within the skin, keeping it younger looking and soft  Emotional benefit: Keeps me looking younger
‡ Volume:3.5% ‡ Value: 3.2% ‡ SKU: 75 gms, 125 gms ‡ Price: Rs 10 for 75 gms

Lifebouy International Gold
"Muhaase? Who kya hota hai?" 
Functional benefit: ‡ Protects against germs which cause skin blemishes. ‡ Pimple free skin.  Emotional benefit: ‡ Confidence to face the world ‡ Volume: 1.6% ‡ Value: 1.3% ‡ SKU: 100 gms ‡ Price: Rs.11 for 100 gms

Lifebouy International Plus 
Functional benefit: Protects from germs which cause body odour  Emotional benefit: Social confidence
‡ Volume: 1.3% ‡ Value: 1.4% ‡ SKU: 100 gms, 150 gms ‡ Price: Rs 11 for 100 gms

Cinthol Fresh
'Swacch ujjwal twacha, kitni aakarshak.¶ 

Functional benefit: With goodness of lime that keeps your skin glowing and keeps feeling fresh throughout the day  Emotional benefit: Alluring confidence
‡ Volume: 1% ‡ Value: 1.3% ‡ SKU: 75 gms, 125 gms ‡ Price: Rs 11 for 75 gms


Discount Segment 
Contribution to total personal wash volume: (29.9%)  Contribution to total personal wash value: (25%)  Only segment which is growing in the personal wash category

Variants: Rose, Sandal, Lime Functional benefit: Goodness of natural ingredients like rosewater, sandal extracts and lime leaves the skin soft, fragrant and glowing radiantly. Emotional benefit: Makes you look irresistibly beautiful. Price: Rs 8 for 100 gms


Variants: Rose, Sandal, Herbal  Functional benefit: Daily skincare with natural ingredients which leave the skin soft and fragrant throughout the day.  Emotional benefit: Beauty ‡ Volume: 6.5% ‡ Value: 5.4% ‡ SKU: 100 gms, 150 gms ‡ Price: Rs 7 for 100 gms

Nirma Beauty 

Functional benefit: Soft, beautiful skin  Emotional benefit: Beauty ‡ Volume: 6.5%
‡ Value: 4.6% ‡ Price: Rs 8 for 100 gms

Lifebuoy Active ³Minton ka snaan. Ghanton ki suraksha."

Relaunched in 2002 as a soap for the whole family with new fragrance and superior formulation which has a superior bathing experience and skin feel 
Functional benefit: µActive B¶ protects against germs which cause stomach infection, eye infection and infection in wounds and cuts  Emotional benefit: Entire family¶s protection against germs
‡ Volume: (3.8%) ‡ Value: (2.7%) ‡ SKU: Red ± 125 gms, 100 gms, 60 gms. Orange ± 100 gms ‡ Price : Rs 7 for 100 gms


Carbolic Segment 
Contribution in the personal wash volume: 19.6%  Contribution in personal wash value: 10.5%  Declining at the highest rate in the personal wash category

³lifebouy se nahaye kiya?´ 


benefit: Healthy, germ free skin

‡ Volume: 15.3% ‡ Value: 5.8% ‡ SKU: 150 gms ‡ Price: Rs 6.50 for 150 gms

Highlights: Overall 
Overall decline due to:
‡ Increase in shampoo penetration at a more economic price ‡ Consumers are buying lesser and getting more quantity free ‡ Increase in total fatty matter content of the premium soaps has lead to lower melt rate which makes the soap last longer

Highlights - Premium Segment 
Users shifting to popular soaps with quality improvement  Brands offering a multitude of benefits  All beauty soap brands are positioning on specific beauty needs like moisturising, fairness, fragrance, freshness

Highlights - Popular segment  Most brands are going the µNatural¶ way  Promotional offers drive the segment leading to little brand loyalty

Highlights - Discount Segment 
Discount segment is growing as
‡ The benefits offered are similar to popular soaps at a discounted price ‡ Carbolic soap users upgrading for the additional benefits at a marginal cost difference ‡ Higher dealer push as the dealer margins for discount sector is 25% compared to others which is 8% ‡ Segment driven by consumer promotions.

Highlights : Carbolic Soaps 
The Carbolic soap segment is declining at a significant rate of 17% as consumers are offered more value at a marginal price difference.  All soaps in this category are offering the same benefit (health). Consumers are increasingly shifting away as they want different benefits.  To counter the decline, Lifebouy was relaunched in early 2002 with new improved fragrance and better skin feel.

Future Industry Trends

Consumer End 
The importance of ³Me´
‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Be whatever you want to be Perpetual youth image/trans-generational Health and wellness in body and mind Using kids to push brand awareness Increasing adoptions of technology

Future Trends 
Importance of rural market:
‡ Penetration levels in urban areas is as high as 90%. ‡ Competition in urban market pretty high. ‡ More opportunity as 70% of India¶s population lives in rural areas.

No o f B ath s / Day Urb an Ru ral 1 .3 7 1 .2 8

No o f B ath s W ith So ap / Day 0 .9 4 0 .3 6

% B ath s W ith So ap 69% 29%

Future Trends 
‡ Soon soap market will evolve on niche products ‡ Packaging/formulas would move from clear to opaque to connote skincare benefits ‡ Packaging would also become more upscale with smoother and textured plastic bottles for sensory appeal to the users ‡ Gender specific variants as already seen in fairness creams in India

Future Trends 
Closer Association with target groups:
‡ Brands are trying to get as close to their target consumers as possible. ‡ Thus affecting:
- Advertising - New Products

Fair and Lovely 
Baseline: Seeing is believing  Proposition: Breakthrough innovation in fairness along with sun protection  Payoff: Fair radiant skin that glows from within  RTB: Fairness vitamins you can see in the beautiful speckled soap

Baseline: Now try a real bath  Proposition:
‡ First ever scrub soap ‡ Removes dirt grime and dead cells ‡ Gently messages skin and improves blood circulation 

Payoff: Spotless fair and glowing skin  RTB: In-built scrub of oatmeal powder and rare herbs

Ayush ± Body Rakshak (Protection) Soap 
Baseline: Stop Adjusting Start Living  Proposition: Its antibacterial properties kill skin and scalp germs  Payoff: Children can enjoy their childhood without boundaries with Ayush skin protection  RTB: Extracts of powerful herbs recommended by the ayurveda and endorsed by the world-renowned Arya Vaidya Pharmacy, Coimbatore

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