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L.O. To revise for your
Your exam
1b Evaluating a media project in regards
to one of the following areas:

• Media language
• Representation
• Genre

2 Postmodernism


Can you think of all the
elements of postmodernism?
Key features of postmodernism
• Challenging producer/consumer
• Reaction against modernism relationships
• Questioning scientific reasoning
• Opposing hierarchy
• “Truth” rejected
• Rejection of grand narratives
• Rejects verisimilitude
• Hyperreality • Embracing paradox
• Lacking a clear organising
• Challenging originality principle
• Irony & self reference • Embracing extreme complexity,
contradiction, ambiguity,
• Mixing previous styles and
diversity and intertextuality.
• Multiplicity
• Recycling culture • Decenteredness &
• Parody and pastiche fragmentation of meaning
The standard, too much to say, kind of question

• What is meant by postmodern media? (Jan 2010)
• Why are some media products described as
“postmodern”? (June 2010)
• How do postmodern media differ from other media?
(June 2011)
• Explain how certain kinds of media can be defined as
postmodern. (Jan 2011)
• How far do you accept the idea of postmodern
media? (June 2011)
• Define postmodern media, with examples. (Jan 2012)
• Provide your definition of postmodern media and
support it with examples (June 2013)
• What makes a media text postmodern? Explain, with
Class essay

In your pairs look at the plan.

I will give you a paragraph to complete.
Remember to think about:
• Terminology you will use
• Examples you will give
• Debates you will include
• Critics you will discuss
• Past and future implications
Read the paragraph. Annotate it for:
• Terminology
• Examples
• Debates
• Critics
• Past and future implications

Give it a WWW and an EBI