Lady Gaga PEEL Paras

L.O: To construct effective PEEL
paras explaining the ways Lady
Gaga is pomo.
Why is she pomo?
• Hyperreality – She has constructed an alter ego.
• Intertexual referencing – film references in her
music videos
• Recycling Culture – influences of past stars
• Plays with the bodily form – dehumanises
• Draws attention to the construct of fame and
• Breaking the “rules”
• One of the main reasons why LG is seen as a pomo artist is
due to the fact she has created an alter ego of herself.
• For example she is known by her stage name ‘Lady Gaga’
instead of her actual name, Stefani Germanotta.
• Lady Gaga has constructed a hyperreal persona that she
keeps very separate from her actual self, this hyperreal self
allows her to push the boundaries of what is acceptable for
example wearing the meat dress. The fact that it is
acceptable for her to be dressed in a meat dress shows how
much she is able to control her image and she does this by
separating her iconic status and her personal life.
Recycling culture
• A way in which Lady Gaga is postmodern is because her
career and music contains elements of recycled culture.
• For example in the video ‘Telephone’ she imitates a classic
Michael Jackson dance move. She also replicates many
iconic elements of Madonna’s style, for example wearing a
gold pointy bra and having a long blonde pony tail.
• This playful picking and choosing of elements of pop icons
can be seen to be postmodern as it challenges the idea of
• The audience derive pleasure from recognising these
pastiches of legendary stars.
Plays with the bodily form/dehumanises
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