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Postmodern TV

L.O: To look at examples of
intertextual postmodern TV
Strinati 1995
• The mass media…were once thought of as
holding up a mirror to, and thereby reflecting, a
wider social reality. Now that reality is only
definable in terms of the surface reflections of
that mirror. It is no longer a question of
distortion since the term implies that there is a
reality, outside the surface simulations of the
media, which can be distorted, and this is
precisely what is at issue,
The Simpsons and Postmodernism
• Definitions of the "postmodern" are of course legion,
but for our purposes we can locate the postmodernity
of The Simpsons in the program's relentless self-
referentiality, a consistent foregrounding of itself as a
television program and media construct that functions
as an operative principle and satirical target of the
show, not just an occasional rhetorical gesture. Thus,
The Simpsons uses satire not only to undermine the
pretensions to cultural significance of various texts
from both "high" and "low" culture, it includes itself as
part of that mockery.
• The Simpsons Psycho
• Psycho shower scene
• The Simpsons Skinner Psycho

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