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Stress In The

Work Place
Lennie Jackson
75% of American workers are stressed out due to low pay. Earning low wages can cause
stress because an individual is struggling to make ends meet. (Adams 2012)
Work related stress can lead to both physical illness such as heart disease, back pain and
psychological disorders. (Palmer & Cooper 2013).
Poor stress management, stemming from factors such as impending deadlines, work
overload and procrastination, can lead directly to burnout, one of the top reasons for
quitting a job (Murphy, L. R. 2004).
83% of workers feel stress on the job and nearly half say they need help in learning how to
manage stress.( American Institution of Health)
When it comes to receiving low pay, women are reportedly 6% more stressed than men
(Nelson & Burke (2002).
1.How well do you deal with stress?
2.How you've prioritized work
3.How you solve problems at work?
4.Do you feel you have very little control
over my life at work?
1. To identify stressors in your life and know the most
effective methods to control stress.
2. To organize a stress management classes to educate
related working condition, workload, counseling,
training, deadlines.
3. To improve the stress levels and make the workplace
4. To improve emotional intelligence competencies, time
management and promotion of change workplace times
5. Maintaining positive relationship between team members effective
communication Stress management and stress relief strategies.
6. Maintaining motivation through appropriate rewards
We will visit places of business for "moments of

In our visits, we will reduce light, play music, light

candles, and offer messages for individuals

We will provide employees with information on the

effects of stress and methods of relaxing during and
outside of work hours

We will offer stress management counseling, offer

rewards, for example, give coupons for free relaxation
massage on next visit.
METHODOLOGY: Participants
At the individual level:
Individual who identify themselves as being stress at work or
experiencing stress at work

At the group level:

Massage Therapist
Holistic Doctors
Employees of Tampa Billion dollar companies; Gerdau Ameristeel,
Walter Industries, TECO Energy, Raymond James Financial, Brown &
Brown Inc, Syniverse Holdings.

At the Community Level

The community of Tampa, FL.

1. Identify Stressed Workers

2. Identify Relaxation Techniques
3. Program Participation
4. Improve Health Status
METHODOLOGY: Data Collection

Goals Identify Stressed Identify Relaxation Improve Health Status

Workers Techniques

Source Workers who are Utilize stress Health will improve thru
stressed in the Billion management counselors regular massage therapy and
Dollar Tampa and massage therapists. counseling.

Instrument Keep a stress journal Survey of relaxation Have client to identify their
techniques stress and participate in the
Relax Mobile program.

Variable Managing stress Use of a Holistic Overall improvement in health,

through journaling Practitioner and performance on the job.
Question: You have less stress at work than most, but there are a few
things that could be better: This may be a situation where
1. My workplace is safe, comfortable and free of just working on your coping skills, for example, getting
unnecessary hazards exercise on a daily basis, may be all you need to fine tune
2. I have a manageable workload. your situation
3. I rarely have to work overtime unless I choose to.
4. I am able to attend to personal and family matters You are still experiencing less stress at work than the average
working person but you might want to look at balancing
when I need to. levels of responsibility with levels of control
5. I am able to get the training and resources I need
to do my job well. You are experiencing more stress at work than average but
you are still in the manageable range. If there are certain
6. My supervisor and I get along well. aspects of your job that you really love, then its probably
7. My job demands and expectations are well worth addressing your stress from the standpoint of
defined. improving your coping skills through regular exercise, a
8. Promotions and raises are handled fairly. meditation or yoga practice and/or other relaxing activities
like a hot bath, a massage, or simply listening to good music.
9. Staff meetings are usually productive. If you dont have aspects of this job you love then by all
10. My supervisor gives me reasonable deadlines for means look for another job. Look for employers who offer
the completion of my work. worker friendly benefits like telecommuting options, flex
time, and family leave. Its often the key to finding less
11. I am aware of a stress at work strategy at stressful working environments.
work.You probably have low levels of stress at work.
You probably have a job in a company that really Unless you really love this job its time to send out your
respects its workers. resume

Dont even think about it. Change jobs now.

Stressors were identified during the interviews and stress tests conducted with individuals.

The charts identify the results of those who participated in Relax Mobile Services.
We recommended engaging in vigorous exercise every morning before work.
We also suggested to balance control and responsibility by looking for ways to put these two forces
in balance.
Stressed Individuals in the Workplace
9% Stressed by Performance

10% Stressed by Other


23% Stressed by Deadlines

59% Stressed by Wages

Stressed by Wages Stressed by Deadlines

Stressed by Other Individuals Stressed by Performance
Participants Who Used Relax Mobile Services for One Year 9% Improved after one year of using
meditation to relax.

10% improved after one year of reading

positive material.

23% improved after one year of

incorporating morning exercise.

59% improved after one year of

counseling and therapeutic massage.

Counseling and M assage M orning Exercise Reading Positive M aterial M editation

Those who experience more stress at work than average are still in the manageable range.
If there are certain aspects of your job that you love, then it is probably worth addressing
stress from the standpoint of improving your coping skills. Holistic practices such as regular
exercise, meditation, or yoga practice are beneficial. You may also use other relaxing
like a hot bath, a massage, or simply listening to good music. Look for employers who offer
worker friendly benefits like telecommuting options, flex time, and family leave. Its often
key to finding less stressful working environments.
Create or participate in job stress intervention programs where there is information and
practical modalities that address stress. Meditation, spirituality, support groups are
examples of intervention programs.
Get support of a more in-depth review of the results of this program by active participation
and continual usage of Relax Mobile Services.