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and What can you say about the
Tell pictures?

The girl sings sweetly and the boy
plays his guitar.

Let us analyze the sentence.
Learn The girl sings sweetly
and the boy plays his
How many ideas are in the
The girl sings sweetly.
The boy plays his guitar.

” It is also . Find out “The girl sings sweetly” is a and group of words that Learn expresses a complete thought and it is called independent clause. The same is true with “The boy plays his guitar.

By itself. Find out and Learn An independent clause can stand alone. it is already a simple sentence. .

Find out The two independent and clauses can be Learn connected by a word called conjunction. . The girl sings sweetly conjunctio and the boy plays his n guitar.

Find out and Learn Science explains many of our questions and it creates wonderful things too. .

Find out and Learn and. .connects or adds equal ideas.

Find out and Learn Some scientists study languages but they don’t speak all languages. .

Find out and Learn but – shows contrast between two ideas .

Find out and Learn I have to study or I will fail. .

Find out and Learn or – tells choice between two ideas. .

Find out and Learn I have to go to school at seven so I will wake up at six. .

Find out and Learn so – shows cause and effect relationship .

for – is used for explaining why . Find out and Learn She must have been very hungry for she ate everything immediately.

yet – contrast ideas despite something . Find out and Learn He’s 72 years old. yet he still swims fast.

nor – for two non- contrasting gram- matically . Find out and I wasn’t going to hide Learn nor was I going to run away.

or. nor. .used are called Conjunctions coordinating conjunctions. but. and. yet and so is called compound sentence.Remembe r Two independent clauses (simple sentences) joined by conjunctions for.

F.for A.s0 .but O.and N.nor B. These conjunctions are known for their acronym.or Y.yet S.

It has good soil.Try and Combine the following independent clauses to Learn make compound sentence. Our backyard is wide and . 1. 2.Our backyard is wide.

Nothing grew of I planted vegetables them. 1.I planted vegetables last week. 2. . last week but nothing grew of them.

Are you going with us or you stay at home? . 1. You stay at home. Are you going with us? 2.

a. Anne’s father prepared .Do and Learn Combine the pair of independent clauses to form compound sentences. 1.

.Anne’s father prepared the boat and he sailed on the sea.

2. She passed Joan studied her the test.Joan studied her lessons well. lessons well so she passed the . a. b.

Everyone else was late. I was on time but everyone else was late. 3. .a. I was on time. b.

What do you call two independent clauses joined by conjunction? Compound sentence .

. What is a compound sentence? A compound sentence is made up of two independent clauses joined by coordinating conjunction.

She prefers tea. a. Write and Learn Combine the following pair of simple sentences using appropriate conjunctions. b. . 1. I like coffee.

I’ve got a headache. b. . b. a.2. I’ve drunk six cups of coffee. I will go to SM on Sunday. 3. a. I will buy some clothes.

Andrea was cold. 5. a. Biscuits will do for your coffee. She wore her coat.4. . b. Would you like cake? b. a.