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Job Descriptions

Ira Islentieva
Melissa Dollheiser
Johannes Walburg

1. What is a Job Analysis?

2. What is a Job Description?

3. What is a Job Specifiction?

4. Why do we need them?

Job Description Breakdown
1. Job Title
2. Job Summary
3. Responsibilities & Duties
4. Qualifications
5. Other
1. Job Title
Reflection of the job
Self-explanatory towards position
Does not over- or under-state the position
2. Job Summary
Concise description the individual will fulfill
Summarize main points of the position
Write in full sentences
Use job titles not incumbents
Synopsis of organization offers personality
3. Responsibilities & Duties
Fundament of the Job Description
Concise, precise, and inclusive of the position
Portrays the extent, complexity, and amount of
responsibility related to the position

List of responsibilities and duties

4. Qualifications
Education, experience, skills, and competencies
Most important: education and experience
Skills and competencies as personable traits
Personality and Intelligence need to match
5. Other
Who reports to whom
Clarifies the level of authority
Offers insight into hierarchical structure
Where their position lays in the organization
Salary and Promotions
Moldavian Job Description
Canadian Job Description
German Job Description