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Ethical Communication
Muhd Hasanal Khan 0325721
Case 1- Five men with parang rob diners
of RM29,745 at safe restaurant.
Kuala Lumpur Diners thought they were eating at a seemingly secure commercial
area in Taman Melawati when five men with parang stormed into the restaurant and
snatched the belongings of everyone there. The Saturday night robbery was
shocking in that the five robbers not only conducted the robbery in a brazen manner,
the area only has one entrance and exit for vehicles and a parking ticket is needed to
gain entry. The restaurant manager, Muhd Ainul Yakin,22, said his staff were busy at
the time and did not notice the unwelcomed guests. I was about to serve a customer
when suddenly, a man wearing a helmet pushed open the door really hard, we were
shocked, he said. He also said that three of the robbers approached the customers
tables and grabbed their belongings and also emptied the cash register. We were
unable to do anything. Muhd Ainul said. The alarm system went off, causing the
robbers to flee. As they fled, one of them moved the tables at the front of the
restaurant to block the door, claiming that the restaurant did not pay protection
money. No one was hurt during that time. The Ampang Jaya OCPD Asst Comm
Hamzah Alias said in a statement on Sunday that the criminals robbed eight diners at
the time and the total amount of cash taken was about RM29,745.
Definition : Loyalty :

A seemingly secured restaurant got The restaurant now has a security system
robbed by five men with parang, that monitors in and out activities to ensure
claimed that the restaurant did not pay safety.
for the protection money. Robbed
around RM29,745 in total of eight diners

Values : Principles :

- The restaurant immediately installed a - Deontology

Security system at the door.
- No one was hurt during the robbery
Case 2 Indian Supreme Court upholds
death sentences in Delhi gang rape.
Four men convicted of a gang rape that shocked India and attracted worldwide
attention will be executed. The men took turns raping the victim and abused her
badly using an iron rod. The victim male companion was beaten as he tried to
fight them off. The victim injuries were serious and she died two weeks later at a
hospital in Singapore. The dying victim told her mother and a visiting magistrate
who was recording her statement at the hospital I want them burned alive.
Indias Supreme Court upheld a lower courts decision to sentence the men to
death. We are very happy that the Supreme Court has heard our voice and
they understood her pain, and that along the whole country has found justice
said the father, Badrinath Singh. The mother of the victim also said that We
need to work so that this type of crime will not happen again, Asha Singh. The
convicts were originally sentenced to death by hanging. The case led to protests
across India and intense media coverage around the world, shining a light on
Indias pervasive problem of sexual violence against women.
Definition: Loyalty :

-Five men convicted of a gang rape and People will not have the thoughts of
abused the victim badly, and caused her convicting such crimes knowing the
death two weeks later. The convicts were consequences.
sentenced to death by hanging. The father
said the whole country has found justice.

Values : Principles :

- The victim male companion tried to save - Teleology

The Supreme Court had led the whole
world to get justice after what happened.