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Acctg. 1 Financial Accounting .

Acctg. 1 Case Studies for Discussion .

MBA Case Study Analysis Format I State the Problem II Objective III Areas For Consideration IV Alternative Course of Action V Analysis (Specific / Quantitative) VI Conclusion/Recommendation VII Action Program to Implement .

Cause & effect c. Major Cause(s) d. Distinguish facts from opinion (truth/reality) . Root cause(s) b.MBA I. Distinguish the relevant from irrelevant e. State the Problem a.

MBA I. State the Problem Example: “Low Level of Net Profit Ratio” Correct : What Specific courses of action should XYZ Co. take in order to improve its level of Net Profit Ratio? .

Objective(s) Example: To improve net profit ratio of XYZ Co. from 10% in calendar year 2015 to 30% in 5 years. .MBA II.

Historical Financial Performance b. Marketing e.MBA III. Product Policies d. Financing Policies c. Areas For Consideration Factors which when acted upon will contribute in achieving objectives a. Human Resources .

b. Come out with program to improve quality of products c. Alternative Course of Action (Possible Solution – Consider only important alternatives) Examples: a.MBA IV. Adopt a comprehensive production system. Revision of pricing policies consistent with competition .

Present short/long term effects or consequences c. Analyses (Specific/Quantitative) a. Advantages/Disadvantages d.MBA V. SWOT Analysis . Compare b.

Conclusion / Recommendation The best alternative achieves the objectives at the earliest time and least cost possible.MBA VI. .

Action Program to Implement (Specific Guidelines or Decision). .MBA VII.