School discipline also has to do with the values that are instilled in students at home. DISCIPLINE School discipline refers to the regulation of children and the maintenance of order (rules) in schools. responsibility and academic compliance. as it is about respect. . These rules can be agreed between the students and the teacher. solidarity.

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always on the moral plane. .  The responsible person is one who acts consciously in what he does and complies with the assigned activities. administer. which allows him to reflect. guide and value the consequences of his actions. RESPONSIBILITY  Responsibility is a value that is in the consciousness of the person.

Responsibility is not a game .

. Plan in time and form the different actions that make up a general activity.  Assume with prestance the consequences that the omissions. RULES OF RESPONSIBILITY AND DISCIPLINE  Be punctual in the opening hours. Greet when entering and leaving school. expressions and feelings generate in the person. works. the life of the others and the resources assigned to the position conferred. the environment.    Avoid rough and violent games.  Respect the classmates and teacher do not run in class.

the Adults. if we have ten t-shirts inside the chest of draws. responsibility will help you to reaffirm your self- esteem or to create it. is a small thing but for them a great decision.  As you said before. we define the options "give freedom within an established limit. TEACHING  Responsibility requires information and options. remember that all causes have their effect. Decision making is also an important factor. in terms of the options. Norms and limits we must never forget. when young people feel they can have the ability to influence certain things gives them the sanction of power and this reaffirms their self-esteem. either in the benefits and in turn in the consequences that each of the options represents. decide among the three that you want to use today". the information must be clear. . in our case classroom educators and parents in the home must present real and always delimited options within a safe and reliable context.