Venn Diagram “Dr.

House vs Breaking

but at the same be entertaining to me. which have been successful internationalment. beign characterized for the dramatics and for mixing interesting things like scientific facts with illegal events. the objetive is show qualities of American television series.  I chose this because I like to see televisión series that are related with the science. .Introduction  In the next presentation.

the preferences of the people have diversified. resulting in the released of big productions.  Is for this that I chose to make contrast/comparation among two popular series of my personal like. In this way. the television series have been more importance in entertaining of people in the course of the years causing an evolution in this industry. House. Personal Opinion  In my opinion. Breaking Bad and Dr. but nevertheless are unable to like to all the viewers for the diferents stories that the series shows. .

causing troubles with his team of medics. in spite to make illegal things. where the protagonist use his capacities to commit crimes like sell drugs. The reasons  First of all. but on the other hand. the protagonist of Breaking Bad(Walter White) wants to help to his family with money. . in contrast with Breaking Bad. the protagonist use his knowledge and experience to solve very difficult clinical cases. in the contrasts between the series can be mentioned:  In Dr House.  Another reason. Gregory House(Dr House protagonist) not has no affection for anyone.

the protagonist of Breaking Bad suffres a lot of changes in his personality for his relation with the drugs bussiness. all the close people to him make the most possible try for achieve a change in his bad personality. But in Dr House. becoming more cruel until be ruined his life and the persons who cared of him. The reasons  Along to the story. Walter White. like his family. .

but both are similar in the science way. for example how can it makes a battery(Breaking Bad). During the series can find it many episodes where show it a science fact. . where in every episode shows medical things that sometimes the same health academies show it for their students. The reasons  Maybe exist a lot of differences into the series. or the same Dr House TV program.

House -The use of -The use of knowledge is knowledge is to solve to make -The scientific clinical cases crimes facts -The -The -The two are protagonist protagonist very addictive not care has good to about anyone intentions with see(interesting) -His his family personality -He changes a never lot until make changes. it bad. Breaking Bad vs Dr. .

.Closure  To conclude. the protagonists are well played and also because sometimes are exhibited very scientifically interesting facts. both series have caused great expectation in the audience their stories are attractive. but on the other hand must coincide with the personal likes so as not miss a detail of these great successes of the last time.