The rivers. from immemorial times. For this motive it is necessary to fight against the pollution of the rivers. not only for the protection of the own environment. • To re-use. but of the fauna and of the vegetation that lives in them. it Wants to say to throw the things when still they are useful. It is something of vital importance. it Wants to say to use less raw material.• Recycling is the process by means of which products of waste. they are used again. lakes and seas gather. less it waters down and less energy. . • To reduce. the garbages produced by the human activity.

Industrial and different residues . to the water. we might indicate that the pollution would come to consist of the incorporation. of materials considered as strangers. Waste water. such as:  Chemical products.Explained of a relatively simple form. Microorganisms.

The birds and whales are struck by ships that leave a track of oil and waste to his step. The oysters and the fishing are disappearing. But the major hurt is that of the climate change. Floating islands of garbage of the size of small conditions suspend what was in the habit of being a current water.The coastal areas are contaminated by residues. .

solvents. paintings and organic matter. ALTERNATIVES TO STOP THE CONTAMINATION To separate the solid waste both in REDUCE the industry and in the home and to avoid to throw to the water pollutants like oils. RE-USE RECYCLES .

the aluminium and the paper? PLASTIC 100 a 1.000 YEARS .000 YEARS CANS 10 YEARS PAPER 1 YEAR GLASS 4.Do you know how much time lasts in degenerating. the plastic. the glass.


• It reduces the quantity of waste thrown to the streets. • Fewer pollution. . • It diminishes the volume of residues that it is necessary to eliminate. money and effort.• The hurt is minor to the ecosystem and his natural resources. • Saving of energy. • It integrates to the communities in a social plan. roads and beaches. parks. water.

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