Coverage Drops 5.Blitz Techniques .Block Destruction 3.Pursuit / Tackling 4. 5 KEYS TO SUCCESS 1.Stance / Alignment / Keys & Footwork 2.

Footwork is based on read step and slide or a second read step and slide.Toes at 4 yds. Some will require a combination of flow keys and surface keys. KEYS: Keys are either flow keys or surface keys depending on the offensive formation and the defense called. 43 defenses --. weight on the meat of the foot. good flexion in knees and hips. forward lean with eyes up. flat back. 33 defenses --. ALIGNMENT: based on Defense called.Toes at 5 yds.O. This will turn into a pressing of the L.STANCE: Comfortable stance. Vertical and Horizontal alignments. hands comfortable ready to deliver a blow. FOOTWORK: CLEAN YOUR CLEATS.S. a crossover run or a plant and redirect if the key dictates.. feet shoulder width apart. .

Butt & Press: Hat & Hands Arm/ Short Arm). FACT: On every play someone is assigned to block you!! You can get blocked but DO NOT stay blocked. Backer Force Pry: Take on the Blocker thick on his inside half. Inside Hand on shoulder pad . Stunner (Long Squeeze: Keep gap half free (Hand & Leg). lead fits Pierce: Aggressive attack the inside of a blocker to make the ball bubble Double Arm Bar: 9 Technique on a Base Block Cut Block: Outside Hand on Head gear.

It’s 90% Mental a. WOLF PACK PURSUIT 1. Escape blocks and take the proper angle to the ball! NO CUTBACKS! c. Never assume the ball carrier is tackles or that some one else on the defense will make the tackle! (GANG TACKLE) e. 1 Force Player and 10 SHARKS! .How we Pursue! a. You must want to get there! b. Leverage the ball properly 100% of the time so the rest of the defense knows where the ball is heading! d. You must discipline yourself to do it every play! 2. Read your keys and play your gap responsibility! b.

4. Creates Takeaway opportunities all over the field! 5. 3. It allows us to consistently STOP THE RUN! BE RELENTLESS . WHAT PURSUIT DOES FOR OUR DEFENSE 1. Improves our Tackling Efficiency by eliminating cut back lanes. It wears down our opponents and intimidates any future opponent. Eliminates long touchdowns 2.

Buzz Feet . Roll Hips g. Eye the Target b. Close the Distance c. TACKLING a. Club Arms – Grab Cloth f. Sink your Hips d. Contact – Chest to Chest e.

Open Field Tackle: Close ground and shimmy- compress keeping good balance and inside out leverage. Angle Tackle: Eyes on near number thru to the ball. close the shoulder. TACKLING (CONTINUED) a. Straight on tackle: Outside foot lead b. close the gate. Fire your gun. c. .

Spot Drops: Find your landmark and adjust to a receiver in that area. Hold your seam until the ball takes you to the flat. Understand what we want to give up and rally to it. (Cover 2 drops) b. COVERAGE DROPS a. (2 zone drops – Curl/Flat and Hook/Curl) . Seam Drops: Collision opportunities. Don’t chase. c. Tilt Drops: Mostly cover 3 drops where we will hold our tilt and react to a QB visual action. but don’t cover grass.

Mental approach and understanding the scheme. Hedging to a blitz – Inside foot up as you hedge. Don’t take it on too thick. Battle of wills! e. (Inside half/Outside half) How does my blitz fit with the others involved? d. c. Block decision on second level blocks. Body position on the protector. Don’t miss the opportunity to add on. b. Stemming to time a blitz and improve the blitz angle. . Green Dog opportunities. BLITZ TECHNIQUES a.


(Body position) 7. Downhill bags with a shimmy compress on bag. BAG DRILLS 1. Downhill bags (with scoop and score) 8. 3 bags Shuffle and Cut Drill (with angle tackle) 6. Downhill bags with Cut Drill (with angle tackle) . 3 bags Shuffle and Squeeze Drill (with leverage tackle) 5. Shuffle 2. W Drill 3. Downhill bags with Squeeze Drill (with leverage tackle) 9. 3 bags Re-direct (with block destruction) 4.

Partner Shuffle/Alley 2. 1 step slide 2.Flow Drill – Dive/Slant/Sweep 4.Cone Drill (Sprint/Shuffle/Vice/Body Position) . Alley Run 4.STANCE & START DRILL 1.Line Drill (5 yard bursts) 1. Quick Shuffle 2.Flow Drill on Barrels with run gap fits 5. 2 step slide 3. 2 step – Redirect (pull calls) 3.Step Drill 1. Lateral Shuffle 3.

Chop Drills . Reach and Spill 10. 9 Tech Drills – Arm Bar. 3 on 1 --. Knee Thrust (6 point punch) Shrug Drill 2. Press/Snatch 4. Punch – Separate on Sled 8. Force Drill (Leverage the back – Squeeze or Spill) 7. Press Play Behind 5.block destruction 9. BLOCK DESTRUCTION DRILLS 1. 2 Point punch – Shrug Drill 3. Pry Drill (Match the back) 6.

W DRILL 1.Backpedal – break up – side run – Finish with catch 4.Box Drill .Backpedal and Drive (with scoop and score) 2.Side Run and Drive 3.

3 on 1 tackle (R/L and Middle) 3.Low 2 point 9. TACKLING DRILLS 1.5 yard burst .Door Tackle 6.Balance Angle Tackle (4 cone) 5.Eye Opener 4.4 point 8.Angle Tackle (4 cone) 2.Roll Tackle (Wrap-Snatch-Roll) 7.

Flip-Pedal-Re-flip (MLB) 8.Drive 4. Hash Drop Drill – 2 LB’s vs.Tilt Drop (QB Indicator) 6.Drop (QB Trigger – Feet) 5.Two cone drop and react on QB feet 7.Vice Drill – Hash drop and break on QB hand off the ball (2 on 1 and 3 on 2) 10.V Drill with Throw 9.Ladder Drill – Foot Fire 2.Peddle – 45 Drive 3.45 . DROP DRILLS 1. 3 WR (Break on QB’s Feet/Hand off the ball) .

3 way Drill 3.Strip Drills .Pass Rush Drill 5.MISCELLANEOUS DRILLS 1.Hedge Blitz Drill 6.2 way Drill 4.Man Coverage Drills 2.