How to Choose

"Just Right"

chair and bed that were “just right”.   .Do you remember Goldilocks in the fairy tale. Goldilocks and the Three Bears? Shewanted to find the porridge.

A book that is not too hard or too easy. .Finding a book can sometimes feel the same way.   We have to be just like Goldilocks and find our “just right” book.

.…read it many times? …know almost all the words? …know what the words mean? …sound smooth … fluent? Ifyour answer is “yes” to all these questions. then this book is too easy.

then this book is too hard.…lots of words you don’t know? …confused? …sound choppy and slow? If your answer is “yes” to all these questions. .

let’s practice the 5 Finger Rule! .…understand the book? …only a few words you don’t know or understand? This book is just right! Now.

Read the blurb on the back.1. 3. 6. Use the 5 Finger Rule! . Look at the cover. 2. Read the first page. 4. Read the title and author. Flip through the book. 5.

2. 4. hold up a finger. it’s just right! . 2 or 3 fingers up. 1. too easy. You come to a word you don’t know. say “goodbye”! 3. No fingers up.1. 5 fingers up.

3…the book is good for me 4… I must decide 5…put the book aside .2.Say this to yourself as you try the 5 Finger Rule … 1.

ONE 1 .

TWO 2 .


…this book is good for me! .

FOUR 4 .

…I must decide… .

FIVE 5 .

.…put the book aside.

it’s your turn to try! . Now.