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Regular line

Consolidation or groupage
The international air cargo contract is that
agreement between the user of the goods
and an airline, under which the airline is
obliged to carry out the transfer of the
merchandise the user from one country to
another, delivering it to addressee.
• It is a proof of receipt of the goods
• • Contains the Shipment List, in which the relate all the
accompanying documents the shipment and notes the
instructions of the user.
• • This is the Freight Invoice and charges charged by the
• • It is a Commercial Document required for customs
clearance.• It is a Commercial Document required by the
collection of the letter of credit or documentary collections.
• • It serves to accredit the direct issuance of the goods, and
thus to comply with the of origin to benefit from the
preferences tariff.
What is the structure of the air waybill?
The author indicates that “the air waybill
comprises a series of green, pink, blue and yellow
color forms, each numbered with the same
content and distributed to the other operators
involved in air transport” (siicex, 2009, pág. 13)
Who can issue the Air Charter?
the person in charge of issuing the air cargo card is
the airline; but air transport is usually carried out
with the consolidated cargo and therefore the
international cargo agent can also issue said
What are the services provided in international air
• Ground transportation of cargo.
• Stowage.
• Storage.
• Control and Handling of cargo.
• Deconsolidation.
• Handling or unloading.
• Guide cut (AWB Fee).
• Handling.
How are freight rates set in international air cargo?
Air freight is the price paid by the user for the
transportation of goods by air and in aircraft from
an airport of origin to another destination, covering
only the flight of the aircraft.
The fixing of rates and freights:
General Charge Rate.
Preferential Rates.
– Classified.
– Tariffs of Specific Goods.
– Unitized cargo rates.
– Government Tariffs.
Air cargo
• The cargo is the product that wants to
export or import its handling is made
easier if it is packed correctly as it must
meet certain standards that are required
to make the shipment safer because if it
does not have these parameters and is
some type
Airport services

• What are airport services?
• The airport services are those services
provided by operators of airport services on
and off the platform, linked to services
rendered directly to aircraft or to air
transportation, when specialized equipment
and infrastructure are used for their execution
Who are the Service Operators
• Operators of Specialized Airport Services are
the natural and legal persons who provide
specialized airport services, certified by the
DGAC and who have the authorization of the
airport administrator to enter the platform
What are airport services?
• Ramp Services: Are the people in charge to move all
the load outside the aircraft with the maximum care so
that they do not suffer any type of damage.

• Fuel Supply: It is one of the services that have to be
more careful because if they do something outside the
established by the airline and in the way the aircraft
suffers some type of damage

• Food Supply (Catering): It is a service that has to have
the maximum hygiene to avoid any type of bacteria
that can damage to the crew of the aircraft.