Unit 7 Vocabulary

The Choice to be Amish
Most definitions and
example sentences are
taken from either the
Merrium-Webster Online
Learners’s Dictionary or the
NorthStar 3 Reading and
Writing Book (3rd Edition)

• Synonyms: godly,

• Adjective: deeply
religious; devoted to a
particular religion

• The Amish are a pious

. Allow • Verb: permit to do something – Allow love to flow threw you.

. Convenience • Noun: things that make life easier and more comfortable • The Amish are known for living without modern conveniences such as a computer.

Socialize • Synonyms: hang out. . converse • Verb: to talk and do things with other people in a friendly way • The Amish meet in home- based churches and socialize with family and friends from the community.

Bond • Synonym: connection. • Verb: to join (something) together. but living far away has still been difficult. to form a close relationship with someone . closeness • Noun: a feeling of closeness • He is trying to maintain his bonds with his family by using the Internet.

. Maintain • Synonyms: keep. so I need to eat well and exercise. preserve • Verb: to keep or continue • I want to maintain my weight. the Amish maintain their simple farming style. • As the years pass.

start. found • Verb: to begin something • Pious and hardworking. . Establish • Synonyms: set up. the Amish established farming communities.

. getting married) . . Settle down • Synonyms: stabilize. calm. or orderly .My mom is always asking me when I am going to settle down.The Amish settled down in the United States and Canada. 2. take root • Verb: 1. to become a part of a community or region (to begin to live a quiet and steady life by getting a regular job. to become quiet.The mother told the child to settle down.


• Different groups have been persecuted for their beliefs. . Persecution • Synonyms: abuse. mistreatment • Noun: cruel and unfair treatment (especially because of race. religious or political beliefs).

Increase • Verb: to make great in size or amount – The number of Amish has not declined but has increased. .

to become lower in amount or less in number • The number of Amish has not declined but has increased. Decline • Verb: to decrease. .

. Be up in the air • Verb phrase: to be unable to decide • Ruth Irene was up in the air about her decision to marry Ottie.

The pros and cons • Noun phrase: good and bad sides • As Ruth and Ottie developed a friendship. she had to think about the pros and cons of being close to an outsider. .

. The deciding factor • Noun: the most important reason • He has the opportunity to start his own business in Hong Kong. This was the deciding factor for him.

. she would lose her Amish relationships. she knew that if she followed him into the outside world. She was really struck between a rock and a hard place. Be stuck between a rock and a hard place • Verb phrase: having a hard time with a difficult choice • While she really liked Ottie.

. Turn (someone) down • Verb: to say no to someone • If she turned Ottie down. she might never see him again.

. Open up a can of worms • Verb phrase: to make a problem more complicated • Don’t make things more complicated than they need to be. don’t open up a can of worms.

. Regret • Noun: a feeling of sadness or disappointment about something you did or didn’t do – Synonym: remorse – He knew that he would face a lifetime of regret if he did not try it. • Verb: to feel sad or sorry about – I deeply regret what I said.