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Rahmat D. Djatmiko –

Training Schedule
08.00 – 10.00 10.15 – 12.15 13.15 – 15.30

Day 1 Introduction MikroTik Basic Routing

Day 2 Bridging Wireless

Rahmat D. Djatmiko

Day 3 Firewall QoS Tunnels

Day 4 Linux Basic DNS Server Web Server

Day 5 DHCP Server Mail Server Proxy Server

Day 6 Case Study

Course objectives
At the end of this course, the student will:
• Be familiar with RouterOS software and RouterBoard
• Be able to configure, manage, do basic
troubleshooting of a MikroTik router

Rahmat D. Djatmiko
• Be able to provide basic services to clients


Djatmiko • Mobile/WA : 0811353595 • BBM : 527C266F 4 .com • Email : erdeje85@gmail.About Me • SMK Telkom Malang as Networking Teacher • SMK Telkom MikroTik Academy as Trainer • Freelance Trainer • Contact : Rahmat D.

com . Djatmiko 5 erdeje85@gmail. MODULE 1 INTRODUCTION Rahmat D.

com 6 . Latvia (North Europe) Rahmat D.MikroTikls SIA • Software and Hardwate Vendor • Motto : Routing the World • Location : Riga. Djatmiko erdeje85@gmail.

com Fundamental Class MTCWE MTCRE MTCTCE MTCUME Advanced Advanced Advanced Traffic Advanced User Wireless Routing Control Management MTCINE Advanced InterNetworking 7 . Djatmiko erdeje85@gmail.MikroTik Certified MikroTik 101 TCP/IP and Basic MTCNA Rahmat D.

Djatmiko • Network Management • Firewall • QoS • Tunnels 8 .MTCNA Outline • Introduction • Routing • Bridging • Wireless Rahmat D.

MTCWE Outline • Wireless Installation • Wireless Standard • Wireless Tools • Wireless Troubleshooting Rahmat • Wireless Advanced Settings • 802.11n • Wireless Security • WDS and MESH • Wireless Bridging • Nstreme Protocol • Nv2 Protocol 9 . Djatmiko erdeje85@gmail.

com 10 . Djatmiko erdeje85@gmail.MTCRE Outline • Static Routing • Point to Point Addressing • VPN • OSPF Rahmat D.

Djatmiko • DHCP Client/Relay/Server • Web Proxy 11 .MTCTCE Outline • Packet Flow Diagram • Firewall filter/nat/mangle • Quality of Service • DNS Client/Cache Rahmat D.

com • IPSec • Hotspot • RADIUS 12 .MTCUME Outline • PPP • PPTP/L2TP • PPPoE • PPP Bridging Rahmat D. Djatmiko erdeje85@gmail.

Djatmiko erdeje85@gmail.MTCINE Outline • BGP • MPLS • Traffic Engineering Rahmat 13 .


• RouterOS also compatible with PC • Based on Linux Kernel 15 . firewall. backhaul link. • It has all the necessary features for an ISP or network administrator such as routing. bandwidth management. Rahmat D.What is RouterOS? • MikroTik RouterOS is the operating system of MikroTik RouterBOARD hardware. Djatmiko hotspot gateway. wireless access point. VPN server and more.

• All operate with 16 .What is RouterBOARD? • A family of hardware solutions created by MikroTik to answer the needs of customers around the world. • Available from low-end spec up until Cloud-Core high-end type Rahmat D. Djatmiko erdeje85@gmail.

Djatmiko erdeje85@gmail. 17 .Integrated Solutions • These products are provided complete with cases and power Internet or a corporate network. • Ready to use and preconfigured with the most basic functionality. • All you need to do is to plug it in and connect to the Rahmat D.

Djatmiko 18 .RouterBOARD (boards only) • Small motherboard devices that are sold “as is”. Perfect for assembling your own systems as they offer the biggest customization options. power adapter and interfaces separately. Rahmat D. You must choose the case.

Enclosures • Indoor and outdoor casings to house your RouterBOARD devices. antennas. Djatmiko erdeje85@gmail.). etc. Select based on: • intended location of use • the RouterBOARD model • the type of connections needed (USB. Rahmat 19 .

com 20 . fiber SFPs or wireless radio cards to expand the functionality of RouterBOARD devices and PCs running RouterOS. Djatmiko erdeje85@gmail. selection is based on your needs. Rahmat D. • Once again.Interfaces • Ethernet modules.

com 21 . antennas and PoE injectors. Djatmiko erdeje85@gmail. mounts.Accessories • These devices are made for MikroTik products - power adapters. Rahmat D.

Why get an integrated router? • Can address many needs • Some add-on options • Little to no expansion • Fixed configuration Rahmat • Simple. Djatmiko erdeje85@gmail. yet solid solution for many needs 22 .

4GHz) Rahmat D. examples • RB951G-2HnD • Good for home or small office • 5 Gig ports • Built-in Wi-Fi (2. Djatmiko • License level 4 23 .Integrated router.

Djatmiko erdeje85@gmail.Integrated router.11a/n radios • Can cover 5Km between central and satellite sites 24 .com offices • 5 100Mbps ports (OmniTik) • 5GHz 802. examples • SXT Sixpack • (1 OmniTIK U-5HnD with 5 SXT-5HPnD) • Good for WISP or company with branch Rahmat D.

examples • CCR1036-12G-4S • Cloud Router • Flagship model • Good for ISPs or company Rahmat D.Integrated router. Djatmiko networks • 1U rack mount • 12 Gig ports • Serial console. USB and color touch screen • Default 4G RAM. but can use any size of SO-DIMM 25 RAM .

Djatmiko • More complete solution for particular needs 26 .Why build your own router? • Can address a greater variety of needs • Many add-on options / Lots of expansion • Customizable configuration • Can be integrated into client equipment or cabinet Rahmat D.

4GHz radio (b/g) Rahmat D. Djatmiko erdeje85@gmail.Custom • Level 4 license • Add power supply or PoE module • Add 3rd party enclosure • Add 3rd party 3G mini PCI-E modem 27 . examples • Flexible CPE • RB411UAHR • 1 100Mbps port • 1 2.

Custom router.4GHz radio card) • Add R5SHPn (5GHz radio card) • Add 3rd party enclosure 28 • Add microSD card . Djatmiko • Add power supply or PoE module • Add R2SHPn (2. examples • Powerful Hotspot • RB493G • 9 gig ports • Level 5 license Rahmat D.

Djatmiko erdeje85@gmail.RouterBOARD Architecture • RouterBOARD build with different architecture • Different architectre means different characteristic in processing and addressing memory Rahmat 29 .

RouterBOARD Extended Code • Additional features that come with some type • U – equipped with USB port • A – • • G – equipped with Gigabit Ethernet interface • P – equipped with PoE port • n – MIMO card • D – Dual Chain • S – equipped with SFP port • L – lite (can be lower license level or lower spec) 30 . Djatmiko erdeje85@gmail. usually comes with higher license llevel • H – High Performance / High Power R – equipped with embedded wireless card Rahmat D.

MIMO 31 and Dual Chain 5 Ethernet port . RouterBOARD Name Code • Three Digits Code RouterBOARD Series Number of miniPCI slot RBABCX Additional Features Rahmat Number of Ethernet port RouterBOARD Series 1Wireless Interface RB751U-2HnD With USB and 2GHz card. Djatmiko erdeje85@gmail. High Power.

MIMO and Dual Chain . High power.RouterBOARD Name Code • Four Digits Code RouterBOARD Series Additional Features RBAACCX-X Rahmat D. Advanced license Interface Information RouterBOARD 2000 Series With USB. Djatmiko erdeje85@gmail. and SFP port RB2011UAS-2HnD 32 11 Interfaces (one of them is SFP) Additional 2GHz card.

com SXT-5HnD Interface Information SEXTANT Groove-2 33 OmniTik . Djatmiko erdeje85@gmail. use abother formats RouterBOARD Series NAME-X Rahmat D.RouterBOARD Name Code • Some new routers.


mikrotik.[LAB 1] Basic Installation of RouterOS • First download new RouterOS from • Then write ISO image file to CD or USB and put in CD-ROM Drive and turn on Rahmat 35 . Djatmiko erdeje85@gmail.

com • After rebooting type “admin” as login and no password 36 .[LAB 1] Basic Installation of RouterOS • After select paclage and then press “i” for start installation • Answer "n" to first question and "y" to second • After installation remove cd and press Enter Rahmat D. Djatmiko erdeje85@gmail.

Djatmiko erdeje85@gmail.[LAB 1] Check Your RouterBOARD • Check RouterBOARD Name Code at the bottom of your router and tell the code! Rahmat 37 .

Djatmiko erdeje85@gmail. MikroTik will release Product Catalog • Open the catalog Q3/Q4 Rahmat 38 .[LAB 1] RouterBOARD Catalog • At least twice a year.

com CHAPTER 2 FIRST TIME ACCESSING THE ROUTER 39 . Rahmat D. Djatmiko erdeje85@gmail.

exe O O O FTP O API Socket programming O O Web(HTTP) O O MAC-WinBox Layer 2 connection O O MAC-Telnet Layer 2 connection O 40 .Router Access Method Text Based Additional Need IP Custom Access Via Condition Device GUI Keyboard/Monitor If installed in a PC O Rahmat Serial Console With serial console cable O O Telnet and SSH O O WinBox Used program called winbox. Djatmiko erdeje85@gmail.

serial cable or even keyboard and monitor if router has VGA • Every router is factory pre-configured with IP address 192. Djatmiko erdeje85@gmail. 41 . • Default username is admin with empty password. ssh.168. • Accessing Web based GUI (Webfig) • Using WinBox configuration utility Rahmat D.1/24 on ether1 port.88.Router Access Method • Accessing Command Line Interface (CLI) via Telnet.

• Since there is a lot of available commands. Djatmiko erdeje85@gmail. 42 .com • There are several ways how to access CLI: • winbox terminal • telnet • ssh • serial cable etc. they are split into groups organized in a way of hierarchical menu levels. Rahmat D.Accessing CLI • Command Line Interface (CLI) allows configuration of the router's settings using text commands.

you can use a console cable. Rahmat • You can also use a USB-Serial adapter. 43 .Serial Cable • If your device has a Serial port. • Plug one end of the serial cable into the console port of the RouterBOARD and the other end in your PC. Djatmiko erdeje85@gmail.

Now you can access router by entering username and password: 44 . or Putty on Windows) with the following parameters for All RouterBOARD models except 230: • 115200bit/s.Serial Cable • Run a terminal program (HyperTerminal. 8 data bits. flow control=none by default. Djatmiko erdeje85@gmail. Rahmat • If parameters are set correctly you should be able to see login prompt. no parity. 1 stop bit.

SSH and Telnet • Standard IP tools to access router • Telnet communications are in clear text • Available on most Operating Systems • Unsecured!! Rahmat • SSH communications are encrypted • Secured!! • Many Open Source (free) tools available such as PuTTY (http://www. Djatmiko 45 .putty.

Username is “admin” and password is blank 46 . then IP address of the router can be used to connect to the Web interface.Webfig • If you have router with default configuration. • Connect to router with Ethernet cable • Launch browser Rahmat D. log • Type in the IP address • If asked for. Djatmiko erdeje85@gmail.

com/wiki/Manual:Webfig 47 http://wiki.Webfig • You will see : Rahmat D. Djatmiko erdeje85@gmail.

48 . • It can be downloaded from MikroTik’s website or from the router. Djatmiko erdeje85@gmail. • It is used to access the router through IP (OSI layer Rahmat D.WinBox and MAC-Winbox • WinBox is MikroTik’s proprietary interface to access RouterOS 3) or MAC (OSI layer 2).

WinBox and MAC-Winbox • If still in the browser.exe” Rahmat D. Djatmiko erdeje85@gmail. scroll down and click “logout” • You will see: • Click on “Winbox” • Save “ 49 .

Login Rahmat Network Discovery. will show any Saved router informaation router that connected with your 50 PC/laptop through layer 2 connection . Djatmiko erdeje85@gmail.Winbox .

Winbox .Interface • If parameters are set correctly you should be able to see : Rahmat 51 . Djatmiko erdeje85@gmail.

LABOLATORY 2 ACCESS METHOD Rahmat . Djatmiko 52 erdeje85@gmail.

Djatmiko erdeje85@gmail.[LAB2] CLI-Direct Access • Access your RouterOS (PC Router) via keyboard and monitor • Login with “admin” user and blank password Rahmat • Configure your TCP/IP using CLI 53 .

Djatmiko 54 .[LAB2] CLI-Telnet/SSH • Telnet and SSH method use TCP/IP connectivity • Application telnet/ssh in client is needed (ex : putty) Rahmat D.

com 55 . Djatmiko erdeje85@gmail.[LAB2] Webfig • Access your RouterOS (PC Router) via Internet Browser • Write your router’s IP at URL Rahmat D.

[LAB2] Winbox • Download Winbox from your webfig’s homepage • Write your router’s IP address or click “ 56 . Djatmiko erdeje85@gmail.” button for discovery connection • Click Connect button Rahmat D.

com . CHAPTER 3 INITIAL CONFIGURATION Rahmat D. Djatmiko 57 erdeje85@gmail.

com device will behave: 58 .mikrotik.Basic or blank configuration? • You may or may not have a basic configuration when freshly installed • You may choose not to take the default basic configuration • Check the following web page to find out how your Rahmat D. Djatmiko erdeje85@gmail.

click on “OK” • The router now has the default basic configuration. Rahmat D.Default Basic Configuration • When connecting for the first time with WinBox. Djatmiko 59 .

com Internet (if your router does not have a default basic configuration) • LAN IP addresses. Default gateway and DNS server • WAN IP address • NAT rule (masquerade) • SNTP client and time zone 60 . • No need for firewall rules • No need for NATing • The minimal steps to setup a basic access to the Rahmat D. Djatmiko erdeje85@gmail.Blank Configuration • Can be used in situations when the default basic configuration is not required.

com method • Hard-reset. reset the configuration through winbox/terminal/web 61 . reset the configuration physically • Soft-reset. Djatmiko erdeje85@gmail.Configuration Reset • For some reason. we need to reset the configuration • When we totally forgot the username and password • When the confguration is too complex so it’s much easier to reset to repair them • Configuration reset can be done using several Rahmat D.


• unplug the device power. Rahmat D. apply power and wait until the USER LED starts Reset Button 63 . Now release the button to clear configuration.Button • Most RouterBOARD devices are fitted with a reset button.[LAB3] Hard-reset . hold the button. Djatmiko erdeje85@gmail.

64 .[LAB3] Hard-reset . and boot the board until the configuration is cleared. • Some devices might need opening of the enclosure. Djatmiko erdeje85@gmail. Rahmat D.Jumper • All RouterBOARD current models are also fitted with a reset jumper Close the jumper with a metal screwdriver.

[LAB3] Soft-reset • If you still can access the RouterOS. you can execute a soft-reset command using Rahmat D. Djatmiko 65 .

[LAB3] Topology Rahmat D. Djatmiko 66 .

Djatmiko erdeje85@gmail.[LAB3] Laptop’s Settings Your laptop’s IP Rahmat Your router’s IP 67 .

[LAB3] LAN Configuration Rahmat . Djatmiko 68 erdeje85@gmail.

com 1 4 3 5 69 2 6 . Djatmiko erdeje85@gmail.[LAB3] WAN Configuration • Activate wlan interface through interface menu – select wlan interface and click check button • Open wlan configuration through double click wlan interface • Open tab wireless and select station mode Rahmat D.

Djatmiko erdeje85@gmail.[LAB3] Default Route • Open Route List through menu IP – Routes • Click “+” button to create new default route Rahmat 3 1 5 4 70 2 .

com 1 3 4 2 71 . Djatmiko erdeje85@gmail.[LAB3] DNS Resolver • Set DNS server through DNS Settings (menu IP – DNS) • Check “Allow Remote Requests” Rahmat D.

Djatmiko 72 . 1 2 6 3 5 4 [LAB3] NAT Configuration Rahmat D.

com CHAPTER 4 VERSION AND 73 UPGRADE/DOWNGRADE . Rahmat D. Djatmiko erdeje85@gmail.

Djatmiko erdeje85@gmail. Rahmat D. • Current version can be viewed both in the status bar of Winbox or in the package installed in the Router OS.MikroTik Version • MikroTik features depend on the current version installed on the • Installed packages also show what kind of features available in the Router • Package can be a combined package or individual package 74 .

MikroTik Version Mikrotik Version Rahmat . Djatmiko 75 erdeje85@gmail.

com/wiki/Manual:System/Packages Rahmat 76 .RouterOS Package • More information: http://wiki. Djatmiko erdeje85@gmail.

but will be scheduled to be executed when the router reboot 77 .Working with packages • Individual package installed can be : • Enabled • Disabled • Uninstall • A package should be removed if it’s totally unused and Rahmat we need to free-up some disk space • All above process is not executed directly. Djatmiko erdeje85@gmail.

Upgrade and Downgrade
• Upgrade is needed when we want to get the latest
features or bug repair
• Downgrade is needed when we figured out that
current version has some bug in a specific feature
• For upgrading, you need to aware about the

Rahmat D. Djatmiko
license-limitation (upgradable to)


Before you upgrade
• Know what architecture (mipsbe, ppc, x86, mipsle,
tile) you are upgrading.
• If in doubt, Winbox indicates the architecture in top left
• Know what files you require:

Rahmat D. Djatmiko
• NPK : Base RouterOS image with standard packages
• ZIP : Additional packages (based on needs)
• Changelog : Indicates what has changed and special
indications (Always)


How to upgrade
• Get the package files from MikroTik’s website
• Downloads page

Rahmat D. Djatmiko

• “Check for updates” (System -> Packages) • Auto Upgrade (System -> Auto Upgrade) Rahmat D.How to upgrade • Three ways • Download file(s) and copy over to router. Djatmiko 81 .

Djatmiko erdeje85@gmail.Downloading the files • Copy file(s) to the router via “Files” window.25.npk • Reboot Rahmat D.npk • ntp-5. Examples are: • • Validate state of router 82 .

Sending new-package to the Router • Package to-be-installed must upload to the router in File section • There are saveral way to upload the package • Drag and drop • FTP Rahmat • Since this process using FTP connection. Djatmiko erdeje85@gmail. not only mac-address) 83 . IP validity is very important (winbox has to be able to open the Router through IP.

Checking for updates (with /system packages) • Through the menu “System -> Packages” • Click on “Check for Updates” then “Download & Upgrade” • Reboots automatically Rahmat D. Djatmiko • Validate packages and state of router 84 .

Auto upgrading • Copy required files by all routers to an internal router (source). • Configure all routers to point to source router • Display available packages Rahmat D. Djatmiko • Select and download packages • Reboot and validate router 85 .

com . Djatmiko 86 erdeje85@gmail. LABORATORY 4 UPGRADE OR DOWNGRADE Rahmat D.

Djatmiko erdeje85@gmail.[LAB4] Enable/Disable Package • Open Package List through menu System – Package • Enabling/disabling package – Reboot Router Rahmat 87 .

Djatmiko 88 .[LAB4] Uninstall Package • Open Package List through menu System – Package • Select package and clik Uninstall button Rahmat D.

Djatmiko erdeje85@gmail.[LAB4] After Uninstall • Look at your “free HDD Space” through System - Resource Rahmat 89 .

[LAB4] Upgrade Version • Drad and drop file “new-package” into router via Winbox and then reboot the router Rahmat 90 . Djatmiko erdeje85@gmail.

Djatmiko 91 erdeje85@gmail. [LAB4] Check For Update Rahmat .

com . CHAPTER 5 LICENSE Rahmat D. Djatmiko 92 erdeje85@gmail.

NAND. : harddisk. then the license will be invalid 93 . Djatmiko erdeje85@gmail. • If the storage media is formatted with non-mikrotik partition. Compact Flash Rahmat D.License • RouterOS features also depend on licensing level that attach to the hardware • License of RouterOS is attached to the storage device • E.g.

com . Djatmiko 94 erdeje85@gmail. License Level and The Features Rahmat D.


Djatmiko 96 .[LAB5] Check Your License • Open License through menu System – License • Software ID used for upgrade license Rahmat D.

Djatmiko erdeje85@gmail.[LAB5] Upgrade PC Router’s License • Open License through menu System – License • Software ID used for upgrade license Rahmat 97 .


consist of username and password of a Rahmat D.Login Management • Access to the Router is configured in USER menu • User management is configured by • GROUP – profile of a user. consist of what kind of priveledge is given to a user • USER – login. Djatmiko user • User session (current connected users) is showed at “Active Users” tab 99 .

incuding the method they are using Rahmat D. Djatmiko 100 .Login Mgm – active user • Current connected users can be viewed in “Active User”.

com Assign some priveledge to a group 101 .Login Mgm .Group • Group is bunch of restriction that applied to a user Rahmat D. Djatmiko erdeje85@gmail.

Djatmiko erdeje85@gmail.User Rahmat D. Login Mgm .com 102 .

Service Management • By default. Djatmiko 103 . RouterOS provide some services to access it’s configuration Rahmat D.

Network Time • RouterBOARD doesn’t have any CMOS Batery to save the time. so we must using NTP • Use NTP (Network Time Protocol) to allow the RouterBOARD to synchronize the time with a valid server Rahmat 104 . Djatmiko erdeje85@gmail.

Backup and Restore • Router configration can be backed-up and saved to be used in the future • There are two types of backups : • Binary backup • Configuration export Rahmat D. Djatmiko 105 .

Binary Backup
• Unreadable
• Complete system backup
• Includes passwords
• Assumes that restores will be on same router

Rahmat D. Djatmiko

Configuration Export
• Mikrotik allow us to create a configuration script
• Can be used to backup only part of configuration
• Has to be done through terminal console

Rahmat D. Djatmiko

Archiving backup files
• Once generated, copy them to a server
• With SFTP (secured approach)
• With FTP, if enabled in IP Services
• Using drag and drop from “Files” window
• Leaving backup files on the router IS NOT a good

Rahmat D. Djatmiko
archival strategy
• No tape or CD backups are made of routers


Rahmat LABORATORY 6 CONFIGURATION MANAGEMENT 109 . Djatmiko erdeje85@gmail.

[LAB6] User Management • Add a group named “minimal” • Give it the “telnet”. and “winbox” rights • Explain these rights • Add a user and give it your name Rahmat D. Djatmiko erdeje85@gmail. “read”. where “X” is your pod number • Open a new terminal. What happened? 110 .com • Assign it to “minimal” group • Give it a password • Assign a password to “admin” • Give it “podX”.

WWW and SSH • Explain the result 111 .com • Try to access your router through Telnet.[LAB6] Service Management • Disable these IP Services : • Telnet • WWW • Change port of SSH from 22 to 222 Rahmat D. Djatmiko erdeje85@gmail.

[LAB6] Time Management Rahmat D. Djatmiko 112 .

Djatmiko erdeje85@gmail.[LAB6] Backup/Restore • Do binary backup • Do configuration backup (export) • Download both of binary anda configuration backup file to local computer Rahmat • Open all of file with notepad / wordpad • Explain the different • Restore the bnary backup file • Restore the configuration backup (import) 113 .

com 114 . CHAPTER 7 NETINSTALL Rahmat D. Djatmiko erdeje85@gmail.

• Reinstall RouterOS if the original one became
• Reinstall RouterOS if the “admin” password was lost
• Can be found on MikroTik’s web site under the
download tab

Rahmat D. Djatmiko
• Installation can be using
• CD Instalation
• Netinstall
• Every RouterBOARD, can only be installed using


Step-by-step Netinstall
For RBs without a COM port.
• Connect computer to Ethernet port 1
• Give computer a static IP address and mask
• Launch Netinstall

Rahmat D. Djatmiko
• Click on “Net booting” and write a random IP address
in the same subnet as computer
• In “Packages” section, click “Browse” and select
directory containing valid NPK files


Launch Netinstall
• Allow this program to passed through any firewall

Rahmat D. Djatmiko

Djatmiko 118 .Configure Netinstall • Click Net booting – Check Boot Server enabled – write a random IP address in the same subnet as computer Rahmat D.

first the router has to be instructed to boot using Ethernet • There are saveral method to do this • Serial Console Terminal Console Rahmat D.Change the boot-sequence • To be able to install a Router. Djatmiko • • Winbox • Reset-button 119 .

Djatmiko erdeje85@gmail. Changing the boot Sequence via Winbox 1 3 2 Rahmat 4 120 .

hold the reset button. Rahmat 121 . apply power and wait until the ACT LED stop flashing.Changing the boot Sequence via Reset Button • unplug the device power. Djatmiko erdeje85@gmail. Now release the button to clear reboot from ethernet.

Netinstall Ready Status Rahmat 122 . Djatmiko erdeje85@gmail.

com 123 . Djatmiko erdeje85@gmail. 4 31 Package Selection 2 Rahmat D.

Installation Process Rahmat 124 . Djatmiko erdeje85@gmail.

Djatmiko 125 . then the configuration and files will be totally empty • Get in to the Router through MAC-Winbox.Post Installation • After doing Neinstall. then do a soft-reset and restore your previous backup Rahmat D.

Rahmat END OF INTRODUCTION MODULE NEXT : ROUTING 126 . Djatmiko erdeje85@gmail.