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The WAGO shield connecting system is insulated and can also be used as a grounding potentia . Installation at a later date is also a simple process. WAGO offers a comprehensive and very effective program for this. Both the EMV and the nominal values given will be controlled within the expected range. These magnetic fluxes can cause many different types of errors (frequency converter. etc) With its shield connecting system.Shield Connecting System Easy handling and a wide range of accessories for the WAGO shield connecting system provides for user-tailored installation. quicker load change.

shield diameter of 40 mm.Shield Clamping Saddles (790 Series) Shield clamping saddles are available in different sizes up to a max. The spring material is part of the clamping saddle. . The spring element integrated in the shield clamping saddle compensates deformation and settling that results from a connected shield. providing a good electrical connection (the system also acts as a partial strain relief).

5 up to 24 mm. .791 Series Shield Clamps WAGO offers a wide range of shield clamps for connectable shield diameters from 1. Shielding the connection of conductors is made safe and easy! Please note: Shield terminal blocks are not suitable for connecting ground conductors.

e.Shield Clamping Saddles with a Spring (Series 790) Boasting a unique latching mechanism. 6–16 mm (790-216) and 6–20 mm (790-220). For safety and convenience. Utilizing a spring solution. the shield clamping saddle is fastened on the busbar at the precise pressure required for optimal contact and shielding effect.. and the large shield connection area ensures good discharge performance. WAGO's spring-equipped 790 Series Shield Clamping Saddles feature exceptional usability and the simplicity of force-free mounting. all three variants can be clearly labeled with marking strips or WMB markers. They are available for shield diameters ranging from 3 to 20 mm: 3–8 mm (790-208). specialty slotted carrier rail and mounting plate.g. The spring also simultaneously compensates for any settling of the cable. The shield clamping saddles are suitable for various mounting options. 10 x 3 mm busbar. .

3. automatically establishing direct contact to the carrier rail. These terminal blocks cannot be commoned with push-in type jumper bars! .and 4-conductor versions. They are available as 2-. GROUNDING The ground conductor terminal blocks have a contact foot in the bottom level.

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