Actions: in the morning • Get up • Wake up • Take a shower • Go to work or go to school • Have breakfast or (by car or bus) a coffee .

Actions: in the afternoon or evening • Have Lunch • Finish work • Go shopping • Go home • Make dinner • Go to bed • Cook • Go to sleep .

Adverbs of Frequency .

. “F” do I never you do habits. I always Hmmm… You Maybe do my got Well. your for “A+. again. my do it? homework.” How anstudy and help. Study Habits Well. an I“A+” I need homework. amto andusually try I often ask the late again!?!? for teacher I got an I got class.

. Adverbs of Frequency • Always • Usually • Often • Sometimes • Subject + Adverb + verb • Hardly ever They always run in the park. • Never • Subject + verb to be + Adverb He is never late for work.

Adverbs of Frequency 1 Adverbs of frequency say how often something happens. 100% always usually often sometimes HeHe always hardly studies. ever studies. never often 0% . hardly ever usually He sometimes never studies.

She is sometimes late. The students are never bored. . Adverbs of Frequency 2 Adverbs of frequency come after the verb be.

Adverbs of Frequency 3 Adverbs of frequency usually come before other verbs. . He usually pays attention in class. She often checks her answers.

The dog sometimes eats his homework. . The dog eats his homework sometimes. Sometimes the dog eats his homework. Usually and Sometimes Usually and sometimes can also come at the beginning or end of a sentence.

Home/7 o´clock / Jane /and / Cris / go / usually / at Jane and Cris usually go home at 7 o´clock . always/they/ late/are They are always late 3. Classical / Tom / music / listens / to / at /home/sometimes Tom sometimes listens to Classical music at home 5. jeans/I /wear/sometimes I sometimes wear jeans 2. Italian/She /restaurants/never/goes/to She never goes to Italian restaurants 4. Exercise 1 • Put the words in the correct order 1.