Incidentally found renal mass




renal cell carcinoma • DDx – Oncocytoma – Metastasis from an extra-renal primary neoplasm – Renal lymphoma – Renal parenchymal sarcoma – Transitional cell cancers of the renal pelvis (more centrally located. involvement of the collecting system) – Angiomyolipomas (fat density usually visible by CT) . Assessment • Probably.

REVIEW OF DISEASE Renal Cell Carcinoma .

ultrasound. CT or MRI scan . 진단 • Essentials of Diagnosis – Gross or microscopic hematuria – Flank pain or mass in some patients – Systemic symptoms such as fever. weight loss may be prominent – Solid renal mass on imaging • More commonly. these lesions are being discovered incidentally before symptoms have developed • Imaging Studies – Renal mass on intravenous urography.

stages the lesion • Chest radiographs – for pulmonary metastases • Bone scans – for large tumors. bone pain. elevated alkaline phosphatase levels • MRI and duplex Doppler ultrasonography – for the presence and extent of tumor thrombus within the renal vein or vena cava in selected patients . Diagnostic Procedures • CT scanning – for character of the mass.

soft-tissue masses – enhancing after the administration of intravenous contrast agent – often homogeneous on small lesion – heterogeneous frequently with necrosis and often with calcifications on large lesion . isoechoic – central necrosis mimicking the central scar of oncocytomas • By CT – rounded. Radiologic characters • On ultrasound – nonspecific renal mass – these lesions may be hyperechoic.

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