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R3 이진영

C: Rt flank pain . CASE 1 M/63 C.



C: painful erction & palpable penile mass . CASE 2 M/43 C.

Trans Long .

진단은 ? .

formation of fibrous tissue plaques within the tunica albuginea • Usually causing penile deformity • 0.7% of all urologic disorders • Fourth to sixth decades of life . Peyronie Disease Most frequent cause of painful penile induration Unknown cause.3-0.

Imaging finding • Plaque: May or may not calcify • US: Thickening of tunica albuginea +/. shadow • MR : Focal thickening of tunica albuginea  Low or iso SI on T1 & T2-weighted images  Enhancement of plaque correlate with presence of active inflammation .post.

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