*How do parallel differ from series circuits? .

Which most cases cause fire? Could you name some accidents cause from electricity? .

Tell something about the picture. .




Group work activity *Each group will describe or explained the way the purpose of picture shown .

Questions .

.What will probably happen to us if we will not follow the proper use of electricity? .What activities shown in the picture? .Is it important to handle the electrical equipment properly? Why? .

*How do describe or explain the purpose of the picture? *What could you tell if you summarized all the pictures in two or three statement? * What shall we do to avoid accidents when using electricity? .

heat and light. and even death. because it makes our lives easier by enabling devices or appliances to work. it could cause fire. Electricity can be saved when it is used wisely and properly. Electricity can be transformed to magnetism. it is advised to follow procedures on how to use electricity properly. However. electric shock. To avoid accidents. Electricity is very important. when not used properly. .

Never touch an open wire with bare hands. never go near wires with cuts or those that fell the ground. It could damage electrical system or even cause of fire. 3. . 2. Don’t plug a bunch of stuff into one outlet or cord extension. Replace worn-out electrical insulation. these could electrocute you. Below gives you some advice on the proper use of electricity 1. Don’t climb the fence.

. 6. Keep electrical stuff far away from water. Most electrical accidents around the house happen when people use electricity near water or if the body is wet. 5. Sudden upsurge of electricity may destroy your appliances and may cause fire. Unplug electrical equipment or devices when repairing to avoid electricity flowing from equipment to the hands.4. Unplug electrical wirings during brown-outs or thunderstorms.

Stay in ventilated areas instead of using air-condition units all the time . Switch off/better unplug appliances when not in use. 8. Use energy-saving bulbs that produce sufficient light. Schedule ironing of clothes. 10. better iron them all at one time 9. 7. These bulbs use less electricity.

how could help your family conserve energy at home? . Elaborate: Being a child.

. Answer if the sentence show proper use of electricity and if the sentences show energy conservation. Write your answer on the blank provided before the number.Read and understand the statement.

Do not use electric fans or air-condition when the weather is cool. Several appliances plugged in one socket might cause fire ___ 3. ___ 5. Do not touch the switch or plug-ins if any part of your body is wet.___ 1. Water are not friend with electricity ___ 4. ___ 2. Avoid octopus connections. Ask a grown-up for help when you need to use something that uses electricity . Open the refrigerator only when necessary to avoid over consumption of electricity.

Write your answer in your science notebook. . List down all appliances/equipment you use at home then write how to used them properly and wisely.