Adult Transition

“Opportunity” Store
A business of “opportunities”.
Focus Points
◦ Point Of Sales And Bank Accounts
◦ Donations
◦ When, Where And How
◦ Business Hours
◦ Student Safety
Finances - Point of Sale
Daily Neccesities- Track inventory and sales with ease of use

Point of Sale Options
◦ Blue Bear Software
◦ Point of Sale Ipad Applications
◦ E.G. Square, Vend, Shopify
Blue Bear Software
◦ Automates And Tracks Sales Of All School Items
◦ Tracks Donations And Fundraising With Revenue Potential Reports
◦ Inventory Control For School Stores
◦ Barcode capability for ease of use

Point Of Sales Applications
◦ Pre-programmed Selections
◦ Tracks Inventory And Sales
◦ No Barcode Scanners, Buttons With Pictures Instead
Finances- Bank Accounts
Small Business Checking Accounts
◦ $8 Monthly Service Fee
◦ Minimum Monthly Balance of $2500 To Negate Monthly Charge
◦ Number Of Signers To Open Account - 1
◦ Number Of Signers Needed By FCMAT (Fiscal Crises and Management Assistance Team) -3
Requirement to Open Account
◦ Photo ID
◦ EIN Number

◦ Mission Federal
◦ Credit Report
◦ Organization Resolution
Onsite Donations
◦ Collected Every Tuesdays And Thursdays
◦ Will Be Cleaned, Organized, and logged into Inventory

Donation Forms
◦ Donations Are Submitted To The ASB
◦ Donators Fill Out A Donation Form And Receive Tax Exempt Letter

Community Outreach
◦ Students Reach Out To The Nearby Community
Business and Student Hours
◦ Tuesday And Thursday
◦ 12:00-2:00
◦ Students Clean And Organize The Store

Open Hours For Sales
◦ Fridays Only
◦ From 8:00-2:00
ASB Information
Unorganized ASB (Special Education FCMAT)
◦ Teachers And Administrators Have Control Over What The ASB Functions. Student
Representation When Deemed Necessary.

◦ Must Be Three Signers, One Being The Administrator/ Principal And Two By Staf

Cash Register
◦ Closing The Cash Register The Total Recorded Revenue And Cash In The Box Must Match
◦ Any Significant Diferences The ASB Advisor Should Investigate
Student Safety
1. Coaching Staf Will Be 5 Students To 1 Adult.
2. Maximum Shoppers In Store At One Time =10
3. Register Locked Except During A Sale
4. Currently Students Go To Job Sites With Their Coaches And Are Exposed To Strangers Both
In Transit As Well As At The Site.
5. We Will Send In “Secret Shoppers” To Help Evaluate Student(s) Safety Readiness.
The Store Will Provide An Authentic Opportunity For Students To:
Greet And Converse With Customers
Use Money Skills To Make And Give Change
Use Problem Solving Skills
Practice Organizational Skills
Meet Their IEP Goals
The Store Will Provide An Opportunity To Gather Data To Help Create Appropriate Goals For
Each Individual Student-especially