Adult Transition Program

Interning with Peggy Zapata, Administrator on Special
The retail store
● My assignment
○ Layout the fine details of the store concerning

■ Point of sales software

■ ASB regulations

■ Donations

■ Accounting
Point Of Sales
● Options

○ Blue Bear software

○ Point of sales Ipad applications

● Blue bear software

○ Automates And Tracks Sales Of All School Items

○ Tracks Donations And Fundraising With Revenue Potential Reports

○ Inventory Control For School Stores

○ Barcode capability for ease of use
ASB Regulations
● Type of ASB

○ Unorganized ASB

○ Teachers And Administrators Have Control Over What The ASB Functions. Student
Representation When Deemed Necessary.

● Student store

○ Cash register must be opened and closed by a staff

○ All donations must be logged and specified to the ASB

● Funds

○ Account:
Small business checking accounts

$8 Monthly Service Fee

Minimum Monthly Balance of $2500 To Negate Monthly Charge

Number Of Signers To Open Account - 1

Number Of Signers Needed By FCMAT (Fiscal Crisis and Management Assistance Team) -3

Requirement to Open Account


Photo ID
Donation And Hours
Onsite Donations
Collected Every Tuesdays And Thursdays
Will Be Cleaned, Organized, and logged into Inventory
Donation Forms
Donations Are Submitted To The ASB
Donators Fill Out A Donation Form And Receive Tax Exempt Letter
Open hours
Fridays Only
From 10:00- 2:00

Teachers And Family Members Will Be Allowed To Shop

Only allowed to sell clothing in store

Petty Cash system

Cash Register Will Be Taking To And From The District Office


All funds Raised Will Be Held At The District Office
Skill Development
Business skills

Putting a project together

From concept to presentation

Views from every aspect

Identify Roadblocks and address them

Cold Calling

Learn to frame answers in terms of business

College And Career
Keeping a trajectory towards working with people

Apply project based learning into internship

To take suggestions as critique and incorporate it

Thinking about going into the field of education

Business and curriculum side

Trying to contact successful programs for input or to model

Contacting credit unions and point of sales companies

Trying to find small details for what would work best with our students.

Global studies career -UNHCR

Reaching out for fine details is required
Identity /Self- Perception

Failure is not option

Direct impact for the students and their lives afterward

Potential career in education (administrator)
Peggy has known me since I was about Five

Treated me as a equal\

Help with anatomy and input

See the responsibility and magnitude of job