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Social Entrepreneurship : Intetion

Subject : Research Design for Management

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Ghunjariya Gopi 16044311012
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Dr. Jayesh Patel
Assistant Professor,
V. M. Patel Institute of Management
Flow of Prensentation
Review of literature
Research Methodology
Entrepreneurship: Intention
Following Low and MacMillans definition of entrepreneurship as creation of new
enterprise For simplification, we define entrepreneurial intention as the intention
to start a new business.

Social Entrepreneurship
Instead of focusing, social entrepreneurship centers on the creation of social value
for society. To date, little attention has focused on understanding the macro-level
factors that influence the prevalence of social entrepreneurship firms.
Introduction (Cont)
Relationship between small business and entrepreneurship

The term "entrepreneur" is often conflated with the term small business" or used
interchangeably with this term. While most entrepreneurial ventures start out as a small
business, not all small businesses are entrepreneurial in the strict sense of the term.

Role of technology in Social entrepreneurship

Social entrepreneurship is facilitated by the use of the Internet, particularly social
networking and social media websites. These websites enable social entrepreneurs to
reach a large number of people who are not geographically close yet who share the
same goals and encourage them to collaborate online, learn about the issues,
disseminate information about the group's events and activities, and raise funds
through crowd funding.
Example Of Social Entrepreneur
Harish Hande, founder, Selco Solar
To bring renewable energy solutions to Indias poor. When he first started he had
problems with creating awareness about solar and had to install the first lighting
solutions free of cost to demonstrate its value. Selcos impact since then? In the past
18 years more than 1.35 lakh solar home lighting systems have been installed.

Vikram Akula, founder of Microfinance

Akula founded SKS Microfinance in 1998 to provide micro-loans and insurance,
and within a period of 12 years (does not include a brief hiatus to McKinsey), had
taken the company to a blockbuster IPO of $347 million in 2010.
Review of Literature
The approaches of these studies closely overlap with the
general mainstream of entrepreneurship literature. Some of
them focus on personality characteristics or personal
background of respondents.

Social Entrepreneurial: Intention Model

Perceived Educational Support

Social entrepreneurship :
Perceived Structural Support Intention

Perceived Relation Support
Research Methodology
Problem statement of the study

We have to study on problem then we study the different

parameters on Social entrepreneurship and intension. In
addition we asked some question to students for Educational
Support and Relational Support in university.

Objective of the study

The objective of this research, as it was pointed out previously,

is to check Social entrepreneurial intention
Hypotheses of the study

H1. Entrepreneurial intention of university students positively relates with

perceived educational support.

H2. The strength of the relationship between entrepreneurial intention and

perceived educational support is affected by the level of self-confidence.

H3. Entrepreneurial intention relates with perceived structural support.

H4. The strength of the relationship between entrepreneurial intention and

perceived relational support is affected by the level of self-confidence.
Research design used: Descriptive Research Design

Sources of data: Questionnaire

Reseach instrument:
Primary data with help of Questionnaire

Sample size:
In our project report sample size is 100
Dependent variables
Dependent variable Entrepreneurial intention

Independent variables.
Perceived Relation Support (PRS)
Perceived Structural Support (PSS)
Perceived Educational Support (PES)
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Book Prefers:-
Marketing research, Naresh Mahlotra, latest edition