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Horror Thriller Audience Profile Age Horror Thrillers have high age

ratings due to the blood and gore etc.

This means the target audience starts at
Race Actors in Horror Thrillers are
about 18. Horror thrillers are less
typically White British/American.
Gender Horror thrillers are watched intellectually demanding than other
For this reason it will be the same
by both males and females, despite this types of thrillers and film genres, for
for the audience, this is because the
the split between the two is not equal. this reason it is typically watched by a
audiences want to be able to relate
Females have more viewers as 57% of young audience, this makes the
top what is happening on screen.
the viewers are females whilst the audience around 18-25.
remaining 43% are male. For this reason
the specific target would be female, Social Class The films target working and middle
this is done by making relatable class audiences by placing working and middle
characters in the film who play a female class relatable actors on screen. People in these
role, we will introduce this idea by class groups are most likely to watch the films, we
having a female actor in our piece. would target this bracket in our piece by placing a
character who either plays the typical role of a
British working class or middle class female.
The audience are most likely to be
in early work or higher education Horror Thriller watchers enjoy
with access to disposable income other horror sub genres and other
to buy the movies, a lot of the thriller genres. This could be
young viewers will tend to watch popular horrors like The Shining
films on sites like Netflix. (1980) and Halloween (1978). It will
also be Thrillers like The Game
(1997) and Prisoners (2013).