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Why you need asbestos removal

in Brisbane?

Chloe Scarlett

• Heat resistant
• Cheap
• High durability

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Types of asbestos
• 'Friable' is used to refer to asbestos-containing
materials that can be easily reduced to powder
when crushed by hand, when dry.
• 'Non-friable', or bonded asbestos is used to refer
to asbestos-containing materials in which the
asbestos is firmly bound in the matrix of the

Asbestos in Brisbane
You are mistaken if you think that asbestos is the
problem in the past. This toxic material, which
can cause lung cancers and mesothelioma, is still
present in two-thirds of Australian houses.
Although Australia has banned the use of
asbestos in constructions, this material still
exists in some buildings in Brisbane. Most
buildings built before the mid-1980s will be
highly likely to contain fibrous.
Health hazards
A prolong exposure to fibres can lead to the
development of aggressive diseases.
• Mesothelioma
• Asbestosis
• Lung cancer
Why you need asbestos removal?
• A DIY project must require protective equipment and a safe
removal process
• Accidents can happen unexpectedly

• Reference:
License for asbestos removal
The requirements for handling different types of ACMs
• Non-friable material that does not exceed 10 square
meters in area can be removed without a license
• Over ten square meters of non-friable material must be
removed by a Class-A or Class-B licensed removalist
• Friable materials must be removed by a class-A
licensed removalist

Seek help and advice from a professional
removalist to remove ACM at your premises!