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³Low income earners use public transport more often than medium/high income earners and are less satisfied with the services offered.´

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Pune is developing into an IT hub, but the infrastructure is lagging behind. Growth of economy must be in parallel with growth in transportation system, but is this the case with Pune? In Pune we find that with the increase in population, the problem of the transportation and overall traffic has become more and more complicated. The public transportation system is not in a commanding position as compared to the private transports.

583 vehicles to 938.Facts about PUNE € € € € € The Pune City had 2. In 2003-04 approximately 110000 vehicles were registered. but the vehicles have increased by 105 times. The number of registered vehicles increased 97% between 1997 and 2002.000 new vehicles are registered (a rate of over 400 per day).5 million people in 2001. a 62% increase since 1991. from 475. . Each month 10.000 ± 13.125 vehicles. Pune roads have gown 6times since 1960.

Importance of PTS NO. OF 4WHEEL ER 13% VEHICLES IN PMC RICKSH AWS 5% NO. OF 2WHEEL ER 82% NO.OF 2WHEEL ER 87% Pedestrians 17% 30% Bicycle Bus Two Wheeelers Others 25% 10% 18% .OF 4WHEEL ER 11% VEHICLES IN PCMC RICKSH AWS 2% NO.

Following pictures shows the problem of traffic in pune . . To reduce the load on road PTS is very helpful.

PMPML is equally useful to different groups of people like students. . senior citizens. people visiting Pune. PMPML has thus been serving the people of Pune incessantly for the last 56 years. etc. people give priority to areas where the PMPML service is easily available.How does the PMPML manage itself ? € € € € € PMPML plays a very important role in the daily lives of Puneites. employed people. While buying houses to settle down. To serve the people of Pune is the primary goal of PMPML and it manages its affairs so that it can best meet this goal. It is the only affordable and convenient public transport service that helps people reach any nook and corner in and around the city. It will be helpful to cast a look at how the PMPML actually "runs".

€ To serve the people of Pune is the primary goal of PMPML and it manages its affairs so that it can best meet this goal. . It will be helpful to cast a look at how the PMPML actually "runs".

It was an experiment to run the transport service of a city through a local self-governance body. came into existence. Pune Nagarpalika decided to start a bus service. A bus service was started nearly 65 years ago. The company PMPML Pune Mahanagar Parivahan Mahamandal Ltd.What Is PMPML€ € € € € In the year 1940. The service was provided through a private enterprise called the Silver Jubilee Company. on 19/10/2007 when the Two Transport Undertakings viz PMT and PCMT merged. .

€ ... € Staff of about six and a half thousand € Ten depots...Facts about PMPML Fleet of about 1250 buses transporting nearly 8 lakh passengers in a day. « Such is the magnitude of the PMPML. € Sixty six main bus stations and about 400 routes.

Service Management. Transport Management. Municipal Corporation. 2. 4. 5. The General Manager. Finance Management. . 2. Transport Committee. Civil Works Management. 3.Operational System of PMPML € The operational system of PMPML consists of 3 basic components: 1. € Operational system¶s management is divided into the following departments: 1. Maintenance Management. 3.

y takes all the decisions related to the functioning of the PMPML like appointing the necessary staff.Role of basic components € Municipal Corporation: y Sanctioning the PMPML budget prepared by the Transport Committee y Decides the fares of the buses. y Appoint capable officers in the management of PMPML. their salaries and related decisions . € Transport Committee: y takes the policy level decisions for the PMPML y prepare the budget and present it to the Municipal Corporation for approval.

Director structure - .


Condition of PMPML In 2006 . € Bus stop condition € .the public transport company (PMPML) serving the silicon valley of Maharashtra does not even have a single web page of its own.



100% 90% 80% 70% 60% 50% 40% 0% 20% 10% 0% 9 2 12 12 14 15 15 20 50 Priorities for using PTSREGULARITY COMFORT EE CHEA AFETY 22 1 15 45 40 64 2 1 18 10 1 2 6 4 21 15 11 2 5 Give preference for reason behind the travelling with bus. Speed . 1. Cheap 4. Regularity 5. safety 2. Cheap 3.

No. Windows III.100 0 60 40 20 0 5 2 11 24 1 29 10 33 22 25 2 15 19 23 30 66 45 49 45 53 57 53 53 47 52 SATISFACTORY AVERAGE NOT SATISFACTORY 31 14 23 1 2 3 23 25 32 34 4 5 6 7 25 9 10 11 Mark following out of Ten I. Of bus X. Cleanness(inner & outer) IV. Seating arrangement- . Fare XI. Comfort II. Behavior of conductor VII. Crimes in bus IX. Rush VI. Sound of bus V. Behavior of driver VIII.

But after that the things become critical .e. Difficult Difficult Very difficult 14 6 11 The above chart shows the ease of travelling through bus. Move in the Bus. . stand in vehicle this all points are moderately difficult. get a seat. Boarding the bus. Finding of bus stop as well as identify bus needed are very easy as shown in the chart. difficult & very difficult i.EASE OF BUS TRAVEL 80 73 70 60 50 40 30 20 13 10 0 Find correct bus stop Identify bus you needed Boarding the bus Move within the bus Get into a seat Stand within Identify vehicle alighting stop Alighting the bus 6 8 17 14 4 4 1920 39 37 29 23 14 4 7 1 10 24 20 11 9 36 29 30 47 66 Very easy Easy Mod. That¶s why The most of the people are not interested to travelling by bus. overall it is difficult.

(Toatal No of Buses) Poly. of Buses- 1600 1400 1200 1047 1000 800 600 400 200 0 Aug/08 Sep/08 Oct/08 Nov/08 Dec/08 1046 1061 1379 1409 1465 1467 1478 1502 1511 1511 1511 1458 1458 1241 1098 1145 1177 1231 1192 1199 1220 Jan/09 Feb/09 Mar/09 Apr/09 May/09 Jun/09 Toatal No of Buses Runing Buses Poly. (Runing Buses) .No.

Revenue of PMPML t dent Passes Ad ertisements 4% 2% Contra t er i es 1% ry er i es % Monthly Passes 11% ale of Timetable % Passsangers Monthly Passes ry er i es Contra t er i es t dent Passes ale of Timetable Ad ertisements Passsangers 82% .

Operating Expencess 3500 3000 2500 2000 1500 1000 500 0 2004-05 Operating Expencess Power (Operating Expencess) 2005-06 Non operating Expencess Power (Non operating Expencess) 575.63 2226. (Non operating Revenue) 301.Operating & Non.34 2619.Operating Revenue 3000 2500 2000 1500 1000 500 0 2004-05 Operating Revenue Non operating Revenue Poly.49 Operating & Non.78 3329.09 .11 382. (Operating Revenue) 2005-06 Poly.02 2769.72 788.

What is BRT Public transportation systems that use buses to provide a service that is of a higher speed than an ordinary bus line. € . € The goal of these systems is to approach the service quality of rail transit while still enjoying the cost savings of bus transit.

Features of BRT € € € € € € € € Bus only. grade-separated (or at-grade exclusive) right-of-way Comprehensive coverage Serves a diverse market with highfrequency all day service Bus priority / bus lanes Vehicles with tram-like characteristics A specific image with a brand name Level boarding Stations .

PCMC hoard funds.450 is pending with PCMC. This comes after it was revealed that the police owe transport body Rs 5 crore An amount of around rs 17 crore is yet to be received by the PMPML under the free student pass scheme. y The PMC has not released rs 9 crore while y an amount of Rs.97. PMPML suffers € € Recent RTI plea reveals that both PMC and PCMC owe the tranport body Rs 17 crore under the free student pass scheme. 7.PMC. .90.

34 EPKM ± Ps.4 Margin on gross Revenue - .6 CPKM ± Ps.12 CPKM Margin on gross Revenue - Effective Kms.30 EPKM ±Ps 3002.nearly 29000 Effective KMs ( in lacs) 3163. Per day8 lacs Vehicles Held-1600 Staff-nearly 7000 Effective KMs ( In Lacs)474.75 lacs Vehicles Held-5696 Staff. Per day11. 1860.PMPML & BMTC in View PMPML        BMTC        Effective Kms.2223.

Rs.150  Senior Citizens  Monthly ±N.Rs.32  Student  Monthly .225 .Rs.Rs.450 ( all routes )  Senior Citizens  Monthly ±Rs.60  Student  Monthly .PMPML & BMTC in View PMPML  BMTC  Pass Rates  Pass Rates  General  Monthly .Rs.180  Daily .N.300  Daily ± Rs.400  Weekly .Rs.A.  Daily . 20 .A.Rs. General  Monthly .Rs.700  Weekly  Daily .

Benefits For Pass Holdery 24 hours Insurance y y y y y y Coverage Medical Reimbursement Three Months Free Monthly Commuter passes to 50 monthly pass holders Discount on parking charges Monthly cash award Free Tour Packages Yearly Bumper Prize .PMPML & BMTC in View PMPML € BMTC € Benefits For Pass Holder ± Nothing.

it may come to 5 min. 6. 4.Future Plans 1. Companies on monthly basis. 5. All sections of PMPML shall be computerized. Quality of the PMPML Services will be improved by following cordial behavior. 3. Modernized buses will be available for IT Companies and PVT. 9. Training shall be given to al levels through CIRT and Yashada. 12. Pass system would be computerized from expert IT Organization. PMPML routes would be rationalized accordingly. Time. Public Information will be displayed on BRT bus terminals and BRT bus stops. Frequency of Ring Route buses will be increased. 10. Process of hiring new buses has been completed and new buses are coming. GPS bus tracker system and also Public Information System will be developed. 11. Hub-n-Spoke system will be developed on major roads of the city. 7. Quality of PMPML service will be customer friendly. BRTs Buses frequency shortly increased. E-Ticketing system has been introduced. All these buses shall be Air conditioned and two by two chairs .table of all routes will be available within short period. 8. 13. 14. 2.

political social and economical. where growth.Purpose of research € € € € In a city like Pune . outdated and effective movement of people and goods can put a choke-hold on city's development. Is aimed at putting forward feasible solutions before the problem gets out of hand. Is aimed at persuading the general public to adopt more of public than private transport. is in parallel with the growth in transport systems. . The Government's and publics persistent negligence towards this issue is causing a trivial problem to escalate into larger proportions.

Balance Sheets of Last Several Years News paper ± y y y y Sakaal Lokmat Times of India The Indian Express .References € € € € € Google Search Engine Yahoo Search Engine Survey P&L a/c.


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