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S.Y. 2017-2018
A. Start of the day ( with
ground assembly )
and entering the classroom
after the morning assembly
First Bell Line formation in silence (3 strokes )
Second Bell Start of the morning rites
How to stand attention (hands at both sides )
Putting oneself to praying position
Everybody recites the prayer
How to stand attention for flag ceremony
Everybody participates in the singing of the
National Anthem.
Everybody recites the Panatang Makabayan
Everybody recites the VMG
Everybody sings the HCCS hymns
How to stand attention for the reminders
(if any)
Third Bell Classes go to classrooms silently.
Teachers in front of the line
Students in the outer most
should be the first ones to
move (simultaneously done)
in 3 directions

Note: The students are expected to wear their

complete uniform at all times.
1. Start of the Class Period

Note: During the day with morning Assembly, proceed

with the lessons
a. Class Officers see orderliness and cleanliness while
waiting for teachers
b. Stand attention when the teacher enters the room
c. Recite the prayer
d. Greeting of students (A Blessed Morning / Afternoon
. Praised be Jesus Christ .. ..)
(Teacher) A Blessed morning / afternoon . Now and
(Students) That Christ may be formed in us
Class Proper

a. Getting attention
b. No unnecessary movements
c. The teacher checks the classroom
d. The teacher starts the lesson.
e. The students ask questions in a polite
f. The student raises his/her hands if
he/she wishes to recite.
g. In case the student has no idea of the said query,
he/she will say Im sorry Teacher, I have no idea.
h. The student asks questions/clarification, he/she
should raise his/her right hand and waits for the
teacher to recognize him/her. Then when the teacher
calls his/her attention he/she will stand straight and
ask politely. After the question is being entertained,
the students should say Thank you Teacher
i. The student should not answer in chorus. The
students will listen while somebody is answering the
j. During discussion, as the teacher checks their
understanding of the lesson, the students will use the
colored front (red) and back (blue) cover of their
student handbook. They will show the blue color if
they understand the lesson and red color if not.
(This is applicable for grade 4 12 only)
k. The teacher will stop talking or discussing when the
class is very noisy.( refrain from shouting )

l. The teacher will resume the class discussion when the

class is silent and is ready to listen.

m. No transferring of seats inside the classroom.

n. During activity students are not allowed to borrow or

to ask for school materials from other students.

o. The students will exchange papers with their

seatmates( depends on the teacher )
p. The teacher gives assignment and reminders
in preparation for the next meeting.
q. The student listens attentively to the
reminders given by the teacher.
r. The teacher leaves the room on time.
s. If in case the next teacher is not yet around, the
students will pray the rosary while waiting. Assigned
leaders/officers will take charge.
C. During Recess
and Lunch Breaks
a. The teacher instructs the student to turn off lights,
monitor, air conditioner, electric fans; and locks the
b. The teacher holds the key for safekeeping he / she
will entrust the key to the next subject teacher or return
to the key cabinet in the faculty room.
c. The students will form a single file boys first
followed by the girls, according to height.
d. The students should observe the Keep to the Right
e. The teacher supervises the students downstairs.
The teacher will be in front of the line then the
class president at the back.
f. The students, without making unnecessary
noise, form their lines at the designated area
assigned to them.
g. They will wait for their turn to buy and say,
Please and Thank You to the sellers.
h. Each section will have assigned tables in the
canteen. Likewise, each pupil will have a
permanent seat.
i. The students place the wrappers and
left overs in the trash bins.
J. The students should return the used plates
/fork/glasses to the washing area.
k. The students arrange the chairs and
clean the tables before leaving the area. In all
areas, inside and outside the canteen students
should see to it that no trash, empty bottles or
wrappers are scattered.
l. The students form a single line according to
height( boys separate from girls) and wait for
their next subject teacher. For grade school, the
adviser is the one who will fetch the students.
m. The students go back to their class room
accompanied by the subject teacher/adviser.
n. The students should observe the Keep to the
Right policy.
o. The teacher supervises the students upstairs.
p. The teacher settles down the students and
starts with her / his routine.
q. The student leads the short prayer and greets
the teacher (Student) A blessed morning
teacherPraised be Jesus Christ.
(Teacher) A blessed morning, Now and Forever
(Students) That Christ may be formed in us
At the end of
the Day
1. The student leads the closing prayer.
2. The teacher asks the monitors of the day to
clean the room 5 mins. before the time.
3. The teacher instructs the cleaners to turn off the
lights / electric fans / computer units /monitor
4. The teacher personally locks the door and
makes sure that everything is placed in the right
3. The teacher supervises the students as they
go down up to the gate.
4. The teacher sees to it that nobody stays in the
court, hallways, and corridors during dismissal.
5. The guard on duty assists the teacher in
dismissing the students properly and orderly
6. No parents should stay near the passage
10. The teacher turns over the key to the
11. The adviser logs in the log book kept in the
faculty room.
1. The teacher should explain carefully to the
students the proper waste disposal.
2. Small and dry trashes (e.g. candy wrappers)
should be disposed by the individual student
3. Black trash bags will be provided in each floor
during recess or lunch break.
4. Proper waste segregation will be observed.
5. Advisers will be with their advisory classes during
lunch break/recess.
1. In case the student needs to use the comfort
rooms, he/she should ask permission from
his/her teacher.
2. Class pass will be provided for students who
will go out of the classroom.
3. The teacher should allot one or two minutes
only depending on the proximity of the area.
4. The teacher should see to it that no writing
materials (e.g. pentel pen) will be brought by
the student as he/she goes out to use the
comfort room.