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Genesis Alamillo Machorro

<Crowki> .

• Fashion figure outline sketches used as fashion illustration templates. . • Small. rough sketch lacking in detail Croqui done by designers to show the (noun) proportions and silhouettes of the line they are creating.

<Imílioreit> .

Ameliorate (verb) • To improve. correct a flaw or shortcoming. . make better.

<kenserf> .

or wasted. . lost. Conserve (Verb) • To preserve. to keep from being damaged. to save.

<Glowbal-seishon> .

businesses. and organizations throughout the world. • The trend toward increased cultural and Globalization (noun) economic connectedness between people. .

<Lúducres> .

laughable.Ludicrous (adj) • Ridiculous. . absurd.

<Stail> .

Style (noun) • A particular design. shape or type of apparel item distinguished by the particular characteristics that make it unique. .

<Fashon> .

Fashion (noun) • Type of clothing that is widely popular at any given time. .