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Guided By:

Prof Steve Pagare

Presented By :

Ram Hedley

Department of Mechanical Engineering

2016- 2017

Introduction ● An automotive drive shaft or propeller shaft . ● Composite material have low density. ● Critical whirling speed is inversely proportional to square of length . transmits the torque from the transmission to differential of rear wheel-drive or all wheel drive vehicle.hence two piece of steel material drive shaft is used traditionally. .


Kevlar and Glass with suitable resin .Material for Drive Shaft Conventional Material: ● Steel ● Aluminium ● Carbon Fibre Composite Material : Graphite . . Carbon .

.Objective ● The general objective is to fatigue analysis of composite drive shaft in automobile using the finite element method. ● Then checking for fatigue life as well as comparing the result with analytical calculation to verify the accuracy of the result. ● The main objective is to analysis the stresses & deflection of drive shaft subjected to combined bending & torsion.

A Review on Fatigue Analysis The composite material will S. it is possible to increase the strength and lighten the weight of steering column . the better stiffness values. Y.Literature review Sr No Year Name of author Name of paper Conclusion 1 April 2015 Vikrant Jagadale and Prof. Taware of Composite Steering Column give upto 2 to 3 times maximum torsional strength.

. hybrid aluminum/composite drive was carried out for a hybrid Hamouda * shafts aluminum/composite drive shaft. S.B. The presence of inclusions in the structure is the root cause of the failure. Sahari.M.A. 3 Aug 2013 Charnont Moolwana. Failure Analysis of a Two High The failed shaft of the two Samroeng Netpub Gearbox Shaft high gearbox under this investigation failed by fatigue fracture. Khoshravan. Khalid.2 Dec 2012 M. Mutasher. A. 4 Aug 2005 Y.S. A. four laminates with different stacking sequences and number of layers were studied. Bending fatigue behavior of Rotating bending fatigue B. Design of a Composite Drive The replacement of Paykani* Shaft and its Coupling for composite materials has Automotive Application resulted in considerable amount of weight reduction about 72% when compared to conventional steel shaft.* .A.R.

Patil1* . Results showed that mechanical properties (uniaxial tension.Ali 304L stainless steel shaft numerical simulation of the Kalaki agitator AISI 304L stainless steel shaft was studied. Composite Drive Shaft for Low shaft is 3.5 Oct 2013 Shahab Zangeneh Fracture failure analysis of AISI Experimental and . .e. Shinde2 and Suresh M.Mostafa Ketabchi. the amount of energy required to propel the vehicle is reduces and thereby the fuel consumption is reduced.6 kg and the Sawant3 Passenger Vehicles weight of the composite shaft is 0. Rajaram Design of Carbon/Epoxy The weight of the steel M.7 kg i. impact and hardness tests) and chemical composition of the failed shaft were in acceptable range 6 Oct 2016 Dhiraj D.

G. The usage of composite Dr. K.Bajaj Review on Failure Analysis of yoke A finite element stress assembly of a transmission drive analysis need to be carried out shaft subjected to Torsion and Shear at the failure region to determine the stress distribution and possible design improvement. model of Yoke assembly 9 Jan 2013 Parshuram D 1 .7 Oct 2012 R.P. P. Kumar Rompicharla1 .The drive shaft of Toyota Qualis was chosen 8 Oct 2013 Mr. Rambabu Shaft with Composite Materials material has resulted to inconsiderable amount of weight saving in the range of 28 % when compared to conventional steel shaft . Design and Optimization of Drive . . Sunil Design and Analysis of composite materials has Mangsetty Composite/Hybrid Drive Shaft for resulted in considerable Automotives amount of weight saving in the range of 81% to 72% when compared to conventional steel drive shaft.Tathe.S.D.Prof. An FEA based software like Nastran or ANSYS.

Vinoth Design and Analysis of Composite The usage of composite Drive Shaft for Automotive materials has resulted in Application considerable amount of weight saving in the range of 70% to 63% when compared to conventional steel drive shaft. Baskar3 Reduction of Drive Shaft Using material reduces the weight Composite Material of shaft significantly as the composite having lower densityl. In finally suggestion.10 Dec 2013 Harshal Bankar1 . 11 2016 S. The reduction in weight gives further advantage in the increase in the fuel economy of vehicle. the cost of composite material compare boron to HS Carbon/Epoxy is low and best one. Mohan and M. . Viraj Material Optimization and Weight The use of composite Shinde2 . P.

Methodology The results are compared with steel shaft to validate our project. Study of cause of failures in drive shaft Selection of composite material Preparation of CAD model Analysis the CAD model with existing material with Ansys Analysis of drive shaft by using different composite materials .