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Process Overview – India (Freight- Out

Picklist Commercial
Invoice Payment to

Creation Vendor

Manual / Optimized Shipment End to end data
plan Creation Visibility capture

Update Update Freight Freight Acknowledge

Shipment Vehicle Vehicle Invoice
Shipment Delivered Settlement Payment
Creation Arrives Departs Creation
Details Quantities
Transporter service
level tracking Automated Freight

Settlement Process
Vehicle Invoice with Least Manual
Vehicle intervention
Requirement Confirmation
Communication Submit

Shortage / Damage
Quantities capture

In Gate. Freight-Out ( Dispatch Process) JDE/ Dispatch Team Not part of current scope At locations. where picklist is not mandatory in JDE.Out OTM Order Planned Order in shipment in Order Creation Entry Entry Optimization OTM Creation Timeslot Planning Transporter Transporter Tender sent to accepts Tender in Transporters OTM . this will be a dummy step Sales Truck is SO Picklist Truck arrives at Invoice Order loaded/SO Update Creation Factory/DC Print Creation Confirmation Shipment status. truck details & Transporter selection time is updated by OTM Unplanned Update quantity Gate.

Freight-Out (Receiving Process – Without Newspage) Customer/Distributor Truck Proof of delivery Driver delivers Truck is reaches (POD) handed over the POD to unloaded destination to driver Transporter OTM Email is triggered Auto-Invoice is to DB with Qty Shipment is closed created details Transporter This activity can be done by Transporter This activity can be done by Transporter transporter/RB/DC/DB transporter/RB/DC/DB uploads POD in confirms delivery in depending on country’s depending on country’s OTM OTM process process Transporter enters shortage/damage quantity manually in OTM .

Freight-Out (Receiving Process – With Newspage) Customer/ Distributor Truck Proof of delivery Driver delivers Truck is the POD to reaches (POD) handed over unloaded Transporter destination to driver Newspage Proof of delivery Stock Received in (POD) printed from Newspage Newspage OTM Auto-Invoice is Shipment is closed created Transporter Transporter uploads POD in OTM .

it will get auto-approved if POD is uploaded in OTM Transporter NO Transporter Transporter prints Transporter Is YES Transporter can consolidates the OTM generated reviews the Invoice view updated Invoices & invoice/own Invoice OK? payment details approves invoice . Finance Is Information Contract/Shipment on invoice RB approved.Freight-Out (Finance) Payment Payment Accrual entry Voucher created Completion in JDE in JDE in JDE JDE Supply Rectify This process can be contract/shipment used to add adhoc costs RB in OTM for shipments as well. correct? YES NO Invoice Payment details OTM Auto-Invoice OTM Invoice is Invoice rejected approved updated in OTM is created updated with Remarks Invoice If Invoice is not approved by Finance in XX days.

• Rate Masters are created by Supply team in OTM & approved by Finance team. • No Integration with BASE or any other financial system.Other Assumptions • One shipment can not contain information for more than one truck • Contract types – • Per Truck Basis • Per KG Basis • Per Case Basis • Per KG per KM Basis • Taxes – Currently out of scope • Module for Adhoc vehicle requests for lanes/transporters which are not part of contract is out of scope • These configurations currently cover only road freight • Reverse Logistics from MT/CSD/Distributor to CFA will not be handled in OTM and will be taken care of separately • There will be no connections between WMS and OTM. There is no interface for accruals between JDE & OTM. No data exchange will take place between these systems. • Accruals are currently managed by via report. 6 .

7 .Architecture – Current & Future State OTM rbESB (Mulesoft) Newspage Existing JDE Konnect WIP To-Be There is no timeline/funding defined for this transition yet.

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In) ST GRN Payment to JDE ST Creation confirmatio Creation Vendor nn Dispatch Plan SNP Higher contract Creation Shipment compliance 3-Way Matching Optimized plan Creation Visibility Update Performa Shipment Vehicle Vehicle Shipment Freight OTM Shipment Invoice creation Assignment Departs Delivered Settlement Details Creation Transporter service level tracking Transporter End to end data capture to Vehicle Vehicle Requirement Invoice drive analytics Placement Confirmation Communication 9 .Process Overview – India (Freight.

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