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Introduction to IT - CAC 1203

Mr. C. Ncube and Mrs. Marabada
(Introduction to IT Laboratory)

A database is an organized, machine-
readable collection of symbols, to be
intepreted as a true account of some
enterprise (Hugh Darwen, 2012).
 It is machine-updatable too, and so must also
be a collection of variables.
 Typically available to a community of users
with possibly varying requirements
View of database as a variable reflects
fact that account of enterprise changes2
Suitability of a particular kind of DB
(relational or object-oriented) depends
largely on requirements of user(s).
StudentId Name CourseId
S1 Anne CAC 1203
S1 Anne CAC 4104
S2 Boris CAC 1203
S3 Cindy CIN4116

Figure 1.1 An Organized collection of Symbols 3