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The Avaya Virtual Meeting Room

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October 2015


 Key Requirements

The Virtual Meeting Room

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System wide management for simple administration Manageable Simple ad-hoc and scheduled conferencing * Nemertes Research: Pervasive Video Collaboration Benchmark Report 2013 © 2015 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved. Simple and Affordable SMB market requires a simple and affordable solution. 3 . Key Requirements for Effective Video Collaboration 75% of companies are supporting. 1080p is the new HD Uncompromised Quality 55% of all internet traffic is video – requires advanced QOS Bandwidth utilization is more important than ever. Desktop / Mobility / BYOD or evaluating supporting video conferencing on mobile devices.* Need to be able to invite anyone into a conference. Customers don’t want proprietary or closed systems Open and Interoperable Platform interoperability is key part of decision process Integration with Unified Communications essential Cost and complexity has historically slowed deployment. planning to.

Video Collaboration Benefits  Increase Productivity through improved of respondents say video teamwork and collaboration collaboration improves  Enrich Customer service efficiency and productivity  Connect with partners. 2013  Enhance company Image with cutting edge technology  Enable Mobile Workforce Flexibility  Manage Costs via reduced travel  Scopia Video Everywhere Launch – Greater ease of use. lower cost of ownership – Enables more businesses and more employees to use video anywhere – Easier. All rights reserved. more affordable to extend high quality video to more employees in more locations – Flexibility and ability to choose where you want to take a conference © 2015 Avaya Inc. customers. 4 . and colleagues and Strengthen Relationships Wainhouse Research The Real Benefits of Using Video.

5 . Agenda Key Requirements  The Virtual Meeting Room Latest Enhancements © 2015 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved.

wholesale offer enabled  Large size VMRs up to entire Conference Room through OneSource Cloud MCU deployment port capacity  Creates single HD VMR on the  HD VMRs available by the  Scopia Desktop & Scopia customer’s network month or an annual contract Mobile software clients  Up to 9 participant VMR  25 participant VMRs  Software package manages  Scopia Desktop & Scopia  Unlimited use per VMR deployment including Avaya & Mobile software clients  Scopia Desktop & Scopia 3rd party room systems  Full featured XT Room System Mobile software clients  Available worldwide deployment option  Available US & Canada  Available worldwide © 2015 Avaya Inc. density and scale  AKA – Video Collaboration  Cloud offering powered by HD video collaboration MCU Solution for IP Office Scopia Elite 6000 MCUs  Creates multiple HD VMRs on  IP Office integrated platform  Avaya hosted.The Avaya Virtual Meeting Room What Is It? A simple. Mobile. anywhere. HD virtual meeting room (VMR) on the customer’s network or in the cloud that brings the experience of face-to-face meetings to anyone. on any device Scopia Elite 6000 MCU XT Server for IP Office AvayaLive Video  High power. All rights reserved. 6 . Partner the customer’s network leveraged in Desktop.

The Avaya Virtual Meeting Room Your Own Virtual Meeting Room on the Network or in the Cloud Invite Anyone & Easily Join Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) High Quality Experience Rich Video Experience Optimized for Internet Room System Interoperability Data Across All Devices Meeting Moderation & Control Intuitive Control from Any Room System Security © 2015 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved. 7 .

8 .Invite Anyone & Easily Join  Invite anyone on the device they already own  Easily join by: – Clicking a link from an email – Following a link in device calendar – Entering a virtual meeting room ID – No license key required  Native calendar integration – Scopia XT Systems – Scopia Desktop – Scopia Mobile 1) Tap on the calendar event 2) Checks if app is installed 3) Launches app and connects © 2015 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved.

All rights reserved.Virtual Room Scalability. Call Quality Easily Join Meetings with Distributed Architecture Enters VR 51000 Enters VR 51000 Enters VR 51000 © 2015 Avaya Inc. 9 . Resiliency.

Mac. All rights reserved. iOS. 10 . Video and Data  Access from Anywhere ‒ Wi-Fi & mobile wireless ‒ Without VPN and through firewalls ‒ Internet optimized © 2015 Avaya Inc.Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)  Use what you already own  PC. Android  HD Voice.

11 .High Quality Experience Full HD 1080p Video. Wideband Audio © 2015 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved.

12 . All rights reserved.Rich Video Experience View up to 28 Other Participants Simultaneously  Up to HD 1080p  24 different video layout options  Each participant can have own personal video layout  Drag & drop control © 2015 Avaya Inc.

264 Scalable Video Coding (SVC) for H.264 High Profile. SVC. 13 . and Avaya NetSense Advanced Packet Loss Handling fills in NetSense bandwidth estimation and holes and gaps in audio dynamic adaptation minimizes impact of network congestion 300 1500 200 1000 Bandwidth (Kbps) 100 500 0 0 Frame index Delay Bandwidth H.Optimized for Internet H.264 High Profile for 30 – 50% bandwidth high network error tolerance savings compared to other compression techniques © 2015 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved.

Meeting Moderation.Complete Room System Interoperability Data Collaboration. 14 . Even Receive Text © 2015 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved.

15 . Desktop. Mobile  Unique “Slider” capability – Go back a few slides without interrupting © 2015 Avaya Inc.Data Across All Devices  Telepresence. Room. All rights reserved.

16 . All rights reserved.Meeting Moderation & Control  Invite additional rooms or people  Participant list  Mute participants  Stop cameras  Disconnect participants  Lock meeting  Terminate meeting  Request to speak / raise hand (desktop clients)  Lecture mode for learning © 2015 Avaya Inc.

All rights reserved. 17 .Intuitive Control from Any Room System Graphical Meeting Menu Overlay 4 Torry Smith Exit Menu Audio Only Speaker Number of Audio Participants Meeting Being Recorded (future) Encrypted Meeting Change Image Size to Fit Display Change Video Layout © 2015 Avaya Inc.

18 .Security One of the Greatest Challenges with the Mobile Workforce Prevent unwanted guests  Meeting room lock and access PINs  AES-128 encryption  H.235 security and encryption for room systems  Supports corporate security measures © 2015 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved.

All rights reserved.Easy. Comprehensive Management  Single all-inclusive solution  3rd party endpoint support  Virtual room management  Extensive enterprise back room integration  Patented MCU virtualization  Reports & analytics © 2015 Avaya Inc. 19 .

Info~Tech Video Conferencing Vendor Landscape Award  Similar capabilities with any device PC. and H. 20 . each participant has own personal layout with drag & drop control  Full meeting moderation including advanced lecture mode and digital hand raising / request to speak Best Option for Users on the Go  “Avaya’s solutions may be the best option for on-the-go users” -.Frost & Sullivan North American Software-based Desktop Video Conferencing Product Leadership Award  Data collaboration review to “catch-up” and immediately review content presented earlier  View 24 other participants simultaneously. with in conference information overlay  Far End Camera Control from desktops to room systems Rich Conference Experience  “Scopia Desktop outclasses the video features of competing solutions…. H. data & content sharing  Receive text chat on room systems  Conference control and moderation for any vendor room system.264 High Profile. Mac. video. All rights reserved. Apple iOS and Android tablet / smartphone  Bandwidth efficient & Internet / wireless optimized for high quality anywhere  AES-128 encryption to assist with security © 2015 Avaya Inc. 24 different video layout options. the Scopia Desktop collaboration feature set far exceeds alternatives…” -.Avaya’s Virtual Meeting Room What’s Different? Total Room System Integration  HD 1080p.264 SVC available for every connection  Extensive interoperability with any vendor – audio.

000 Scopia Desktop & Mobile Video 300.47 average minutes per meeting Critical Benefits  10. All rights reserved.000 Meetings Attendees 200.718 250.000 0 September 2015 Read the Average Participation Wainhouse Research  67.718 meetings.000 50.82M meetings cumulative.On Avaya Video Engagement Scopia attendees in September September 2015: 67.718 Meetings 270.452 rooms currently deployed to Avaya employees Desktop/Mobile 85% April 2013 Download here ‒ 5866 rooms active in August – 56% ‒ Average 11.000 Scopia meetings in September OnAvaya Deployment and Usage 67.99 average attendees per meeting 8% Achieving Critical  688 maximum attendees in meeting Mass in Critical Time to Deliver  28. 6. 270.5 meetings per active room © 2015 Avaya Inc.89M attendees cumulative 7% Room System  3.195 attendees by Type White Paper Phone  1. 21 .195 350.000 100.000 150.

build affordable solution that improves the latest collaboration tool while relationships and work with teams of team efficiency. network issues. feature rich HD  Provides a virtual meeting room at outside their teams video meeting room on the low cost network or in the cloud bringing What Does it Do?  Improves utilization and the experience of face-to-face  Simple to use video enables integration with existing assets meetings to anyone. and flexibility to geographies while meeting tight For LOB Leaders who need an address the growingly mobile deadlines intuitive tool that helps them meet workforce What Does it Do? their departmental goals and What Does it Do? enhances collaboration within and  Enables a simple. not the technology  Solves for BYOD complexity and  Enables multiple use cases within supports B2B communications the organization (firewall. anywhere.Target Users Knowledge Workers & CXO & LOB Leaders IT Leaders Task Workers For Knowledge Workers and Task For CXO Leaders who need an For IT Leaders who want to deploy Workers who need to meet. on company to focus on their (video room systems) any device business. All rights reserved. bandwidth. providing universal organization and across dispersed financial and competitive agility connectivity. helps ensure leveraging existing video people inside and outside their business continuity and improves investments.) © 2015 Avaya Inc. etc. 22 .

23 . All rights reserved.Video Collaboration Use Case Examples  Expert Anywhere – Collaborate with specialists and subject experts regardless of their location – Corporate Research – Financial Expert Consults  Training – Distance learning to students in remote locations – Sales Force Training  Project Management – Lead teams to define and execute a major initiative – New Product Rollout from Marketing Department – Engineering Project Management  Remote Eyes – Enable a team member from a distant location to ‘see’ a local situation to help assess proper action and streamline resolution – Manufacturing Troubleshooting – Supplier Management Reviews – Insurance Claim Adjustment Services  Collaborative Meetings – Hold virtual “in person” meetings that are highly interactive and productive – Sales Meetings with Customers – Human Resources Candidate Screening © 2015 Avaya Inc.

All rights reserved. Agenda Key Requirements The Virtual Meeting Room  Latest Enhancements © 2015 Avaya Inc. 24 .

25 . Mar 2012 Mary Meeker. Mar 2012 © 2015 Avaya Inc. Morgan Stanley. All rights reserved. Morgan Stanley.Scopia Desktop Receive 1080p HD Mary Meeker.

Morgan Stanley. andfor incredibly talented – 1080p @ 30fps older experienced OS or workforce ready to deliver video to enterprise browsers.000 live viewers –Mary Event scheduling Meeker.“YouTube Like” Portal  Universal Player  Record – Zero The download opportunity for personal – From any Scopia workspace is now. Mar 2012 layout support  Robust Streaming – 100. Mar 2012 © 2015 Avaya Inc.Android. Silverlight. All rights reserved. Customers client or room system – Video demand a rich. easy to use.&collaborative presentation user experience that is interoperable and – MP4 download for – iOS. Morgan Stanley. we PC. Mac believe this transaction will leverage a offline viewing – Compatible with Flash highly-skilled. 26 . In addition. customers – Elite 6000 gallery HTML5… Mary Meeker.Streaming & Recording Made Easy… Easily Find & Access Content .

Morgan Stanley. All rights reserved. 27 .239/BFCP content to web collab.Advanced Web Collaboration Integrated AAC Web Collaboration in Scopia  Improved sharing quality  PC & Mac  Share specific applications  Choose which screen to  Share portion of screen share with multiple monitors  Virtual whiteboard with multiple annotations  H. Mar 2012 © 2015 Avaya Inc. gateway  Remote desktop control Mary Meeker.

All rights reserved. 28 .Avaya Scopia Video Collaboration A Complete Video Engagement Portfolio © 2015 Avaya Inc.