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Who He Is!

You ask me who He is. He is water. He is sky. He is a fountain never running dry, the answer
to all questions why. He is peace. He is glory and glory increase. He is house and He is
home. He is shelter when you roam. He is faith and He is love. He came down from above to
be in the world but not of, sinless like a dove. He is canceled debt. He is all we get,
all we need. He is end all and be all, the all in all, almighty, all-powerful, and all
hope after the fall. He is call, and we are answer. His love is like cancer, leading not
just to death, but to resurrection. He is my hopeful infection, my vote for election,
place Him on the throne of your heart. He is start and He is end, where broken hearts
go to mend. He is send and He is return. He is fire so let it burn. Let it sing. Let it
praise. He is all of my days, weeks, months, and years. He is blood, sweat, and holy tears.
He is persevere, He is without fear, and He is drawing near. He is light. He is sight.
He is fight. He is might. And He is more than right. He is good. He is everything that we
should but could not be to blindness so that we could see and be set free. He is freedom,
and we need Him. The heavens have decreed Him. You ask me who He is, and He is God.
The One Who Calls
In Matthew 4 we get a glimpse of Jesus calling his first disciples. After a long, hard night of work, a group of unschooled fishermen have caught nothing. As theyre away putting their nets, a strange man approaches them and says, Put out into deep water, and let down your nets
for a catch. After some resistance, the unschooled fisherman decide to do what the man says. And what happens next is something they will never forget. Their nets, which had been empty all night long, were suddenly teeming with so many fish that they began to break under
the weight of them.

Upon returning to the shore, the unschooled fisherman fall to their knees in awe of the stranger who had approached them. Go away from me, Lord, they said, We are sinful men.

But this stranger reaches down, and lifting the heads of these unschooled fisherman simply says, Come. Follow me.

Its true. We worship a God who is in the business of calling People.

Our God has been calling people since the beginning of time.
God called Abraham to build a family.
God called Noah to build an arch.
He called Jacob to build a well.
Nehemiah to build a wall
And Jesus to build a way
God called David into the valley
And He called Moses onto the mountain
God called fisherman whod be left out
He called the apostles to go out
And He called Martha to chill out
God called Esther to speak up
Job to shut up
Ruth the stick around
And Gideon to stick it to em
God called Joshua to take a walk
Jonah to give a talk
And Peter to be the rock
God called Solomon to be wise
Lazarus to rise
And Paul to press on towards the prize
God called Elijah in a whisper
He called Elisha to dig ditches
God called Mary by her name
And Simon and Saul by brand new ones
He called the Israelites into the wilderness
The Samaritan woman at the well
Peter onto the water
And water into wine
He called Daniel to be the best
He called His disciples to love the worst
He called the prophets to speak out
And he called the church to invite in

You see, there is literally no major character in the Biblical narrative who was not first called by God to something greater than themselves. And we worship a God who still is calling people today.

Yes, its true. We worship a God who is in the business of calling people.
Now the only question is, are we in the business of answering?