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In teaching and learning process at my

workplace some English teachers did not use
other sources to develop their own materials
based on the standard stated in KTSP.
Teaching and learning English at elementary
schools seem to be a burden for teachers.
Most materials in Lets Make Friends provide
students with difficult exercises.
Process of designing and developing
course material
Main stages of designing course
Environment analysis : teachers and
students learning style in teaching and
learning process in the classroom
Need analysis : students lacks,
necessities, and wants.
Principles : frequency, learning
burden, and learning style.
Goals : communicative
The Adopt and Adapt of the Course
Material Designed
Adding and omitting the contents
Changing the sequencing of the content
Changing the format
Content and sequencing of the course
material designed
The content of the language courses: language
items, ideas, skills and strategies.
This course will provide tasks, topics,
vocabulary, and grammar.
Format and presentation
This course will design the unit with kinds of
Its consist of meaning focused input (reading
and listening), meaning focused output
(speaking and writing), language focused
learning (vocabulary and grammar).
Monitoring and assessment
Placement assessment
Observation of learning
Short-term achievement assessment
Diagnostic assessment
Achievement assessment
Proficiency assessment
Overview of the textbook designed
and developed
Background of the targeted learner, teacher,
situation of the course material designed and
Target learner : students of elementary school
grade II.
Target teacher : experienced teacher and
young teacher
Situation : effective for students in
learning process
Objectives of the textbook/course materials
Specific goals of the sample/unit material
developed : the student are able to
identify names of animals at the safari park.,
the student are able to identify names of color
at the safari park.
Map of the textbook/course materials
Map of the textbook/course materials
topics skills objectives activities
Animals Listening &speaking
Guidance how to use textbook
The integration/balance of course
material developed and its activity of
language skill
The models of course material
The name of unit : At the safari park
Activities :