If I were Prime Minister of INDIA

I will take following steps«..

Constitutional reforms 

Bring a constitutional amendment to introduce two political party governance.  Make the pre-requisite moral and social prequalification for becoming member of political party.

Judicial reforms 

Make all courts in India accountable to their higher courts and the high courts to Supreme Court.  Fill up all the vacancies so that pending case to be solved.

Woman empowerment

I would work towards the empowerment of woman. I would start campaigns creating awareness among the women regarding their capabilities and opportunities available for them.


I would invest in infrastructure because good infrastructure is a sign of development.

Abolish reservation

I would abolish the reservation. Admission to educational institute will be based on open merit only. I would provide scholarship to students who are economically backward.


I would implement a good education system so that most of the people can get better education.  I would setup more vocational and skill development programs

Health care 

³Health is Wealth´  A healthy nation can move faster.  I would improve health care system in India.

Food security 

I would increase productivity in agriculture.  I would ensure that all farmers in this country get a fair price for their produce.

Remove corruption

The biggest problem is corruption. I will work to weed out corruption.

Maintain the heritage status of cities

I would Maintain the heritage status of historic Indian cities. Tourist are drawn to India because of the legacy left behind by our ancestors and it is our duty to preserve it.

Stimulate economy 

I would encourage more Indian companies to be established in various fields.  I would improve the Indian economy and increase the employment.

National boundaries and harmony 
To secure national boundaries, I would resolve border issues with neighboring nation to reduce expenditure on defense.  I would maintain good maintain amicable relations with all the neighboring countries and would transform it into harmony

Water conservation 

We all live in a one country but always fight for water.  I will take measures for conservation of water resources, optimum utilization of water resources, water management.

Disaster management

India is losing a considerable part of wealth and population in natural calamities every year. I would use latest equipment for forecasting the calamities and disaster management.

Promote sport

I will establish sports institute, each of which specialize fields like tennis, cricket, badminton, boxing, swimming. That would produce best sportsperson in the world for India.

Capital punishment

Capital punishment for the rapists, murderers, terrorists.

As the prime minister of India I would lead the country towards progress and prosperity.  I would hold up India as an abode of true democratic principles ³For the people, By the people, Of the people´

Thank you

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