Sourav Chandidas Ganguly

³Monarch of Indian cricket´

Life history 

July 08, 1973 January 11, 1992 June 20, 1996 November 15, 2007 November 06, 2008

- Born - ODI debut - Test debut - Last ODI - Last Test


He was awarded the ³Padma Shri´ in 2004. 

He was India's most successful test Captain till October 2008, winning 21 tests out of 49.


Ganguly is the second highest overall run scorer for india in the test and the forth in the world. He, along with sachin tendulkar, formed by far the moat successful opening pair in one day cricket. He is also one of the 3 players in the world to achiece amazing treble of 10,000 runs, 100 wickets and 100 catches in ODI cricket history.


Holds the record for the second highest score by an indian cricketer in an ODI He is the only player to win 4 consecutive man of the match awards in ODIs. Highest ODI run scorer in the world (in a calendar year) in 1997, 1999, 2000.  


Strong Leader

Saurav is a example of an outstanding leader who was willing to take strong hard stands

Excellent Manager

Saurav managed his team well and backed a number of young players in Indian team.

Expert in ³Man Management´

Words such as µgroups¶ and µcamps¶ have vanished from the Indian dressing room. That is why we saw the name ³Team India´

Optimistic Person

Ganguly was credited for bringing in optimistic vision to Indian team. He felt that India could achieve better success in international cricket.

Honest and Impartial

He was impartial, non-parochial, and pushed his nonplayer to perform better. His interaction with media, fans, detractors were uncompromisingly honest.


The most inspiring strong point of saurav gaguly was his firmness to the goal decided to achieve

Ability of strong and fast decision making skill

Saurav is always known for his decision making.

Flexibility according to situation

Saurav was full of this skill. A captain has to take decision according to situation and this made Saurav the most successful captain of Indian team.

Influence & Team Building

This is the most important characteristic of any captain is his influencing ability. Saurav ganguly was full of this skill

Never ending Winning Spirit

His never ending winning spirit, dedication to work, loyalty to country always motivated the Indian team.


Ganguly has demonstrated very effectively all the qualities of a corporate leader. He has demonstrated how to build and manage a team; how to succeed at home and to replicate that success overseas. He has demonstrated the importance of getting the best resources and talent; motivating them; and to emerge as a serious player in a competitive environment.

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