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The IAM is situated between the villages: Lunga village on South, Marculesti city on West, Gura Cainarului
village, Prajila village on East, on the distance:Floresti city- 6 km;
Balti city- 28 km;
Chisinau - 150 km;
Railway junction Marculesti - 1 km;

The FIAM has a favorable geographical location (neighborhood with European Union) and developed infrastructure, the
S.E. International Airport Marculesti came with initiative to create Free Airport and was sustained by Government and
Parliament of the Republic of Moldova, that adopted on 10 of July 2008, the Low no. 178-XVI concerning Free
International Airport Marculesti.
The Free Airport was founded for a term of 25 years and has as a goal the acceleration of aerian transportation, aerian
services, industrial production oriented on export and on external commercial activities.
The territory of Free Airport has a surface of 265, 2295 hectares and consists of aerodrome territory (205, 59457
hectares) and developing territory (59, 6395 hectares).
The State Enterprise International Airport Marculesti is the Operator of the airport, General Investor and resident of
Free Airport.
The Free Airport offers to national and international investors an excellent investment environment and developing its
activities in neighborhood with European Union.
The residents of Free Airport have the rights to develop the
following activities:
- rendering ground services and air transport service;
- wholesale trade, with the exception of the products excluded from
civil circulation;
- industrial production of the products;
- processing of agri-foodstuff;
-sorting, packaging, marking and other similar operations with transit
goods through Free Airport;
- rendering paid services to Free Airport residents and foreign
- other auxiliary types of activities, such as public utilities, storage
services, construction, renting and/or lease, catering, etc, necessary
for development of mentioned activities.
There are a lot of localities in neighborhood of Free Airport where
industrial enterprises are located, including ex soviet military
complex, with highly skilled labor force.

The resident of Free Airport can be each natural and juridical person form the Republic of Moldova or other country, registered in the
Republic of Moldova as the subject of entrepreneurship activity, that has property or lease goods and lands on the territory of Free
Airport and is registered as resident by Government representative.
The Government representative registers for free the economic entity as resident of Free Airport, selected by General Investor.
The general investor ensures equal conditions for all economic entities during the selection process of residents, ensures the information
accessibility concerning conditions of carrying of the Free Airport activities, keeps commercial secret concerning present investment
projects. The selected economic entity signs with General Investor the lease contract of goods or lends on the territory of Free Airport.
In order to be registered as resident of Free Airport, the economic entity is selected by General Investor and than write a declaration to
Government representative.
The declarant will attach to the declaration the following documents:
- certificate of State registration of the enterprise;
- constituent documents of the enterprise, foreseen by law;
- identity card of the manager;
- extract from Public Register that can confirm manager authorization;
- confirmation of contract viability, concluded with General Investor concerning the lease of goods or lands on the territory of Free

There are no application of fixing a quota and import/export licensing regime of goods (services) on the territory of Free Airport.
The following goods are tax exempt:
a) goods carried on the territory of Free Airport from the other customs area of The Republic of Moldova;
b) goods carried on the territory of Free Airport from outside of Moldovan customs area, from the territory of Free Economics Zones and Free
International Port "Giurgiulesti";
c) goods that have their origin on Free Airport, taken out on custom area of the Republic of Moldova, with the exception of foreign goods that have to be
levied taxes according to general norms;
d) goods, inclusively that have their origin from the Free Airport, taken out of custom area of Republic of Moldova, on the territory of Moldovan Free
Economics Zones and Free International Port "Giurgiulesti".
Is denied to introduce on Free Airport territory goods and objects if their trade is rejected by Republic of Moldova legislation;
If the goods or the objects:
a) present a risk for goods and objects from Free Airport territory;
b) threaten to social morality and public security;
c) do not correspond to ecological and human health norms and rules, established by law.
The goods, services delivered to Free Airport from outside of Republic of Moldova custom area, delivered from Free Airport outside of Republic of Moldova
custom area, delivered to Free Airport from other custom areas of the Republic of Moldova, as well as delivered from Free Airport to Free International Port
"Giurgiulesti" and other free economic zones of the Republic of Moldova, are taxed on zero V.A.T. rate.
The supplies of goods and services carried inside on the territory of Free Airport are not supplies taxed with V.A.T.
The excised goods introduced on Free Airport outside of custom area of the Republic of Moldova, from free economic zones, from other custom area of the
Republic of Moldova, as well as the goods that have their origin on Free Airport, taken out of custom area of the Republic of Moldova, are exempt of excise
Are not excised the supply of goods excised on the territory of Free Airport and are not excised the supply of goods excised between the residents of Free
Airport and the residents of Free International Port "Giurgiulesti", of free economic zones of the Republic of Moldova.
The excised goods taken out from the Free Airport on the rest of custom area of the Republic of Moldova are excised.

If new laws will be adopted that can worse the conditions of residences activity on customs, fiscal and other
regimes, foreseen by law concerning the activity of Free Airport, the residents have the right to activate during 10
years according to present law stipulations until the day of new laws application, but do not exceed the term of
working of Free Airport. This norm will be applied to the activity carried by the residents within investment
projects registered and implemented until the adoption of a new law.
The human security and environment protection are the principles kept strictly by S.E. International Airport
Mrculesti. Thats why weve assumed the responsibilities to observe national and international standards
concerning health protection, security and environment protection. From this point of view, the S.E. International
Airport Mrculesti tries to have an activity without incidents.

On 30th June, an aircraft type A300 landed on the International Airport Marculesti, having on board 40 tons of industrial goods of
large consumption.
This event waited long ago, having a major importance for the collective of the airport, neighbouring localities and for the entirely
country, joins the strategy to accelerate the development of air transports, air navigation servicies, industrial production oriented to
export and foreign commercial activity, which are on the base of the Law regarding the Free International Airport Marculesti,
adopted by the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova on July 10, 2008.
Following from its potential and capacities, the airport will accentuate the transport of goods in its activity , with that end in view
being planned the creation of a logistic centre, construction of terminals, etc.
It is to mention that, concurrently with the designation of the Government representative in the free Airport, the process of registering
residents started. The residents will carry out their activity in different domains, benefiting by customs and fiscal facilities, as well as
serious guarantees from the state.
At the present day, in the free Airport, therere already registered companies intending to carry out activities of air transport of goods
by logistics and big aircrafts.
A number of requests from the potential residents of the free Airport are still in the process of examination.

One of the basic conditions, that follows to be performed by the residents of the Free Airport, is the attraction of resources and local
labor force.
Romina Cazacu

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