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Bilanki Andang RWS 1302 Results:
Background: This poster is Greed, poverty, and nepotism-
about the ridiculous levels of these have all played a role in the
corruption that can be found in current state of
African Politics. Many African political instability in Africa.
countries are dictatorships living Colonialism had a much bigger
under the guise of republics. Africa effect than I expected. It
has a trove of natural resources but might be the single biggest cause
often lacks the political stability to that I found. The same mentality
profit from them. that is causing
Thesis- We need to understand problems in the current political
what make African politicians so climate is being fed to the youth.
corrupt, so we can This creates a cycle.
takes steps to solve this problem
and make Africa a better place. Conclusion:
In order to tackle this problem,
Research Questions: the best thing to do is to focus on
1. What is the main cause(s) of the youth. We must
political corruption in Africa? educate them better and create
2. What role did colonialism play in jobs and opportunities for them,
the current state of African so they don’t feel the
politics? need to be corrupt.
3. How has political corruption in These findings are significant
Africa affected future generations? because this is a topic that isn’t
4. What steps can Africans take Materials & Methods really discussed outside of
now to erode political corruption? I searched for articles, interviews, and excerpts from different Africa.
The purpose of the research was publications regarding my
Topic. For my primary research, I used a survey conducted by a
to essentially determine how the
South African organization
Works Cited
continent at a whole
developed such a corrupt political named Afro Barometer. My secondary research was done using
culture. mostly articles-some blogs, and a few pdf books
found on Google Scholar.