Introduction ‡ First appeared on the UK market circa 1968 and was the first detergent with stain-removing enzymes ‡ In 1991. Procter & Gamble launched Ariel detergent in India with features like: ± Compact Detergent ± The Enzyme Technology ± Smart Eyes ± Superior cleaning in a choice of Fragrances ‡ Has the tag line: ³Ariel Sirf yaadein taaza rakhe. daag nahin´ .

HLL launched various counter measures.Market Scenario ‡ Three major players.the compacts. ‡ When Nirma began challenging Surf's dominance in the detergent market. ‡ There was a price war unleashed by P&G in the detergent category . creating a new market segment . Hindustan Lever Limited (HLL). ‡ The entry of P&G onto the scene further intensified the competition. Procter & Gamble (P&G) and Nirma.

Market Share ‡ 13% P&G ‡ 38% HUL ‡ 29% Nirma ‡ 2% Henkel SPIC ‡ 18% Other .

Segmentation of Detergent market in India Segmentation Of Detergent Powder Market ‡ Premium: Ariel. Nirma. Tide. Ghadi .Surf Automatic & Quick wash ‡ Mid ± priced: Surf Excel Blue. Fena. Stain Champion ‡ Mass Market: Wheel .Ultramatic & Spring clean .

.Positioning ‡ Ariel has had an over-riding premium in pricing as compared to competing brands ‡ It has been marketed as a concentrate detergent which is ³superior and thus expensive´ ‡ Ariel has been indigenously developed on the local customer needs by reducing the price to about half ‡ P&G is clearly targeting the mass market in India. by making its products more affordable.

superior quality Ariel sachet was launched at Rs. P&G launched of Tide ‡ Their strategy to launch Tide in order to compete with Mid ± priced Surf Excel Blue was spelt out tacitly ‡ In September 2003. better enzymes for dirt fighting .Penetration Strategy ‡ Foreseeing opportunity in penetration. 2 per sachet ‡ The add-on benefits in the new product are better fragrance.

Core and Augmented Product Fragrances Guarantee Superior Cleaning Re-usable packing Encourages customer feedback .

and  Ariel Fresh Clean with a refreshing fragrance inspired by the subtle refreshing scent of the jasmine flower The two unique fragrances of Ariel offers Indian consumers an unbeatable combination of µsuperior cleaning¶ and µa choice of fragrances¶ .Products Based on Research conducted by Ariel on the Indian laundry market 2 exciting fragrances were launched±  Ariel Spring Clean with a floral fragrance inspired by the roses that bloom in Indian spring time.

Perceptual Mapping Expensive Ariel Front-O-Mat Low Innovativeness High Innovativeness Ariel Fresh & Spring Clean Economical .

Features ‡ Ariel is the world¶s leading detergent and epitomizes µstain removal¶ ‡ Ariel contains safe ingredients for normal fabrics and skin under recommended usage conditions for laundry ‡ Meets the Company¶s stringent human and environmental safety standards ‡ 1st to introduce different fragrances in detergent. .

TV¶s most popular µsaasbahu¶ duo Smriti Iraani and Apara Mehta. .BRANDING PARENT BRAND ‡ Owned by Procter & Gamble. Sharmila Tagore. Ariel has a long-standing reputation for reliability and efficacy in the premium fabric care market BRAND BUILDING ‡ Created a Brand Imprint for itself by positioning it as a Premium Brand ‡ Also It has maintained Technological Superiority ‡ The brand has enjoyed endorsement from celebrities such as Shabana Azmi.

10 sachets ‡ Strengthening the marketing channels and penetrating deeper in the consumer market ‡ Also the national coverage would be dealt with by increasing the company's warehouses and creating C&F agents in the smaller cities ‡ Thus creating desirability and increasing availability of the brand µAriel¶ .e launching Rs.Future Strategies ‡ More aggressive promotion in rural areas ‡ Difference in packaging i.5 and Rs.

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