A Master Plan is the long term perspective plan for guiding the sustainable planned development of the city. It lays down the planning guidelines, policies, development code and space requirements for various socioeconomic activities during the plan period. It is also the basis for all infrastructure requirements."

Objectives of Master Plan
The main objective of master plan is to give direction to future growth of the development area and making viable and practicable adjustment in the already developed unplanned land.
Assessment of proposals of previous master plan, achievements and validity in today¶s context. Formulation of proper goals and objectives for city¶s organized development. Traffic and transportation: effective transportation system to be achieved. To provide the citizens with basic amenities/ services and it¶s balanced distribution. Interrelationship between various land uses of the city. Historical buildings, places of architectural importance,conservation and formulation of policies. To provide the city with a healthy physical environment.


six years after it was due. Board of Enquiry. afforded personal hearing to only 611 persons/organizations. The Plan acknowledges 7. The implementation of the Master Plan of Delhi 2021 was discussed by the Delhi Cabinet on December 27.000 objections/suggestions. which met 17 times. 2007.Development of master plan 2021 Delhi Master plan-2021 was drafted in end 2005. . The Delhi Master Plan 2021 has been finally notified on February 7.

Though. What the term ³world class´ means is undefined except somewhat meaningless commitment ³where all the people would be engaged in productive work with a better quality of life. this statement should logically apply to all settlements and societies. whether ³world class´ or not.VISION-2021 Vision 2021 is to make Delhi a global metropolis and a WORLD CLASS city. . living in a sustainable environment´.

MPD 2021 comments that ³this has had its inevitable implications and impact in terms of shelter. But does not clarify how a mere 8 percent increase in population have caused the entire city to come tumbling down to such an extent. even if not a world class city.VISION-2021 The population of Delhi in 2001 was 138 lakh as against the MPD-2001 projection of 128 lakh. . including squatter settlements and other infrastructure facilities´. A serious attempt should be made to get a plan in place that will make Delhi a LIVEABLE city.

attempt should be made to restrict the population of Delhi lower than 220 lakhs. During the course of implementation of the plan.POPULATION As per 2001 Census.81%. Population in ( Lakhs) Population Assignment-2021 700 600 Population( in Lakh) 500 400 Populatin (In Lakh) 300 200 100 0 NCR Area NCTD POPULATION ESTIMATE AT FIVE YEAR INTERVAL 250 199 200 162 150 100 50 0 2001 2006 2011 2016 2021 YEAR 138 Series2 182 230 This depends on the effective implementation of policies and proposals of Regional Plan 2021 by Govt of NCT Delhi.18% of its population living in urban areas as against the national average of 27. . NCT of Delhi had a total population of 138 lakh. NCT Delhi is highly urbanized with 93.

. For 24 lakh houses. Provide them at the time we plan for the residential complex. of shops. This concept should be built at the planning stage so that shops and other commercial establishments can come up along with houses. we need proportionate no.HOUSING Housing need is for 24 lakh new houses till 2021 for population of 23 Million.

20% 40% NCR . Still there is a question regarding the feasibility of this suggestion. because of new developments. Some population living in NCR would be coming to Delhi to work and vice-versa. ¡ ¢¤ ¥ ¡ One can certainly assume that the NCR can cater to 20% of the future population demands.HOUSING There is considerable dependence between Delhi and the NCR. 40% can be dealt through redensification of existing areas and other 40 % through new addition. HOUS NG NEED   redevel ent/ of existing reas New Housing £¢ radati n 40% What is estimated is that 450-500 hectares of land would have to be acquired per annum for next 20 yrs.

m.m)-600 DUs/Ha Category I (above30-upto40sq.e.HOUSING There is a very feeble act in the master plan: The master plan suggests the following densities for various categories.)-500 DUs/ Ha Category II (above40-upto80sq.175 DUs/Ha 600 500 400 eries1 . ¨   © Slum/EWS housing (upto 30 sq.m.)-250 DUs/ Ha Category III (above80sqm) . Hou ing en ity 700 welling nit per Haectare ¦ § ¦     300 200 100 0 lum Category-I Category-II Category-III ¨ Category The Master plan has varying density like 30sqm i. 600 dwelling units per Hectare its impossible to achieve that.

This means the payment of heavy penalties and development charges by the offending parties. should be effectively incorporated in the mainstream of urban development´. Unauthorized colonies came up as there was a gap between DEMAND and SUPPLY. . without any fine being levied on government agencies that were supposed to have provided ³authorized´ housing in the first place.UNAUTHORISED COLONIES The demand for the unauthorized colonies ³which are to be regularized.

LANDUSE ANDUSE D STR BUT ON % fl 20 10 0 $# " !  In du st ria l ec re at io ub na lic l S em i ub lic Re Co m m re en /r G 3000 2500 opul tion in '000' 2000 1500 1000 500 0 Dw H a Ro rka Ro hi hi ni I ni I IV I & V Na re la C D G A B E F 5 4 Mixed land use concept of MPD2021 is a welcome step. 60 50 d 40 30 % of and. Holding Capacity 2001 Existing population Holding Capacity 2021 Zones & ) & 0 3 1 2) ) )' & 0 ' ) ' & (' % But there is no explanation of why there was a shortfall in the first place? Z is Estim t d Holdi C Ar  d Us   MPD-2021 advocates the mixed land use concept. to meet the growing demand of commercial activities and overcome the shortfall of available commercial space´.M -2021 sid en tia l er cia l Ci rc ul at io n it of Existi       Urb .

This would not only reduce vehicular nuisance .MIXED LANDUSE PROBLEMS  The constant presence of outsiders/shoppers with no local loyalty will erode residential quality and endanger the women. Water. noise and dust pollution but would also indirectly control the size of commercial activity. Electricity sewerage and solid waste disposal etc would require increased municipal inputs.     SOLUTIONS  . the children and the aged The water supply & power situations would be worsen. Parking of housing should be separated and commercial parking should be severely restricted. Vehicular movement with increased parking & goods supply would create chaos with housing areas Segregating entry points into housing and shopping areas as an exclusive public domain for residential use which alone provide safety.

MIXED LANDUSE mixed land use has the following advantages. energy and investments in transport   infrastructure to provide the citizens a more integrated daily life cycle. the aged the children and the physically challenged. helps improve the quality of life in the city urban poor. India's urban heritage also was built upon mixed use .  saves time.  adds vitality to the city.  cuts down commuting distance. Ironically.

a dispute between DDA and the Delhi Jal Board (DJB) about how much water is required by an individual in Delhi. while the latter has scaled it down to 60 gallons. Against this.WATER The MPD 2021 Plan mentions that. ³the infrastructure provisions especially those related to water have not matched the pace of development´. in the past.840 million gallons per day (MGD) while DJB computes 1. where will all the water come from? 9 8 Water De and in (M D) 1600 1400 Water Demand in (M D 1200 1000 800 600 400 200 0 2007 2011 Year 2021 Water De and in (M D) A @ 7 6 . the current treatment capacity in Delhi is just 805 mgd. The former stipulates 80 gallons per day.380 mgd. DDA projects 1. firstly. But what does it plan for the future? There is.

600-km of feeder sewers are silted and less than 15 percent of the trunk sewer line is functioning. A large proportion of Delhi's 5. according to a UN report.SANITATION Delhi's sanitation in a pathetic state. and most of the plants operate far below capacity. The city's 17 sewerage plants are inadequate to process the waste. . Most of its sewer lines SILTED and NOT FUNCTIONING.

SANITATION The end result is that less than half the waste is processed by the sewerage plants before the filth is dumped into the already polluted Yamuna river. I H G Sewarage Aug entation Plan 1 0 160 140 120 B B Capacity in ( ) 60 40 20 0 en Nursing Coronati on pillar Timarpur Rohini Okhla reat ent Plant F asant Kunj QP 0 QP 100 Capacity 2001 in ( Capacity 2021 in ( D) D) D E C .

E. These batteries contain mercury. They accumulate in our system and affect our mental health. .all substances lethal to the human system.000 tonnes of industrial and domestic batteries every year and dump them carelessly. Once they permeate into the water table.WASTE Disposing of ordinary torch cell batteries may not strike you as dangerous. these cannot be fully removed by any existing water purification system in the country These metals cannot be excreted by the body. In India. cadmium and lead . we use nearly 200.

.TRANSPORTATION There is a dire need to streamline the basic transport system before CWG-2010. A study points out that commuters are paying 150 percent more than the actual auto fares in the city! Metro Rail network proposal covering a length of 56.76KM is a good news.

18 new multi-level parking facilities. . Opening up DTC depots for private parking and revision of parking charges for private transport.PARKING POLICY There is a proposal of making 175 new parking sites. It also approved formation of 43 corridors with 575 km route length for Integrated Multi-Modal Transit System for public transport.

Interstate private traffic must be prevented from entering the capital during CWG-2010. .PARKING POLICY Encouraging all the traffic in the city during CWG-2010 will pose a serious problem of transportation. Public transport must be encouraged.

ASI.TUNNEL ROAD PROJECT A tunnel road project linking NH24 to Lodhi Road was proposed in draft Master Plan. . so who cares about the heritage zone. The tunnel would pass under Sunder Nersury (near HUMAYUS TOMB) and Neela Gumbad ending near Jawahar Lal Stadium. after thrice earlier rejecting a tunnel road project finally approved it. It will connect ³Common wealth village site´ and ³Jawahar lal Nehru stadium´.

. Lodhi estate and Jor Bagh. East Delhi and Noida to Lodhi colony. Golf Links. It would disturb the peace of the residential colonies like Nizamuddin East & West. It would bring Vehicular traffic of Ghaziabad. The tunnel road project would also expose the Zoo animals and birds to air and Noise Pollution.Implication of Tunnel Does the availability of tunneling technology and finance give any one the right to alter 800 year old historic domain.

Rupees 150 crore has been earmarked for developing the Commonwealth Village and Rs 400 crore for improvement of infrastructure such as modernization and lengthening of roads.COMMON WEALTH VILLAGE (NEAR AKHSHADHAM TEMPLE) The site for common wealth village has been selected on the river bed near Akhshardham Temple. .

Riverbed has the following problems is prone to the and the village should not be developed there.Implication The location of the Games Village site on the riverbed is a WRONG decision.  liquefaction during earthquakes  It is a flood prone area  It will damage the eco-system .

SHOP IN HOME The shops-in-homes concept threatens to convert the entire city into one large shopping centre. As per MPD 2021 the population will be 23 millions in 2021. . No body is against the commercial activity but it can not be allowed at the cost of citizen¶s quality of life. At least the MPD should limit "the damage to the extent that it has taken place at present instead of adding to it. Where will the additional civic infrastructure come from? Entire streets currently residential in nature will become commercial.

N. which will create serious problem of transportation. Stadium.NEW STADIUMS One indoor stadium each will be constructed at the J. Siri Fort and Yamuna Complex. The Indian capital will have five new stadiums. G. Sports Complex. These stadiums will come up in the heart of the capital. I. .

.SUMMARY There is going to be an increased shortage of basic services and infrastructure in future. The employment will be thrown more and more into the informal unorganized sector and even there it will be strictly controlled through zoning and regulation. Such is the ³world class´ vision of our leaders. which will therefore be available at higher prices to those who can pay. The upper classes are going to be protected and screened off from the rest of the citizenry.

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