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Work Force Management(WFM)

User guide
WFM Solution Components Overview
The WFM Solution consists of the following CKSW modules

ClickSchedule: It provides a centralized scheduling and dispatching software that is used for automatic
scheduling and dispatching of field resources at the right time, based on business-oriented factors such as:
Resources skills, relative proficiency, availability, priority, service level agreements, etc.

ClickMobile: It provides field service employees with a mobile application to receive their dispatched work,
capture status (Acknowledged, Travel, On Site, Hold, Complete, etc.) as well as capturing few comments like
Reason for Outage (RFO), Resolution/Completion comments etc.

ClickAnalyze: It Supports in monitoring business activity like reports. It will allow dispatcher to generate
current and historical operational data.

Resource (Engineer):A Resource (Engineer) represents a person who performs tasks on field
Dispatcher: A person who will be taking care of the schedule of all tasks & engineers and also taking care
of manual scheduling in case required
Task (Incident):A Task is a job which needs to be scheduled and performed by an engineer
Assignment: When a task is assigned to an Engineer, It becomes assignment
Non availabilities: When an engineer goes on leave and not available for taking up the tasks
Calendar: A Calendar object stores a timeline, defining when an Engineer is available for assignments
Click Schedule web Client: The dispatcher can login with their credentials and perform their job like
manual scheduling, report generation etc
Resource Gantt: The part of Click Schedule web Client where dispatcher can see the list of all engineers
working in particular circles/zones
Task List: The part of Click Schedule web Client where dispatcher can see the list of all tasks created for
particular circles/zones.
Duration: The period of time in which the task should be completed
Assignment start Date: The time when an engineer should start working on task
Assignment finish date: The time when an engineer should complete the task
Due Date: The time before which the tasks must be completed other wise there will be breach of Service
Level Agreement (SLA)
Open Date: The time when the tasks come to the Click WFM.
Filters: Filters allows to select the required tasks or Engineers from the list of all tasks and Engineers.
Status flow
End to End status flow from HPSM to Click Mobile via Click Schedule
Simple Flow Incident Management


Alarm raised TT created with necessary

Updated TT Closed TT End
within HPSM details and Sec_Assiged

Auto Schedule and Dispatch

Task Status = Task Status =

Scheduled Dispatched
WFM Task Scheduled Dispatched Send Status

Created As per Rule? As per Rule? Update to HPSM

Jeopardy Process N

Notify Zonal

Notification to

Assignment Accepted
Reject Reason Reject Alarm
Before Time Limit Y Travel Onsite Y A
Code Assignment Cleared

Task Status = Onsite

Task Status = Task Status =
Rejected Accepted

Perform & *
Status = Complete
RFO details Submit Site
A N Before Time Limit Y
present RFO Data
Task Status =

Normal Task life Cycle
Task Status

Open: Default status for the task is open i.e. when the task is created in external system it will come as
open status
Scheduled: When a task is assigned to an engineer
Dispatched: When a task is sent to an engineer on his/her device
Acknowledged: When an engineer receives an assignment and acknowledged it
Rejected: When an engineer denied to work on task for some appropriate reason
Travel: When an engineer starts traveling to the task location.
On-Site: When an engineer reaches to the task location and starts working on it
Hold: When an engineer keeps any task on hold for some appropriate reason.
Completed: When an engineer completes the task successfully
In Complete: When an engineer can not complete the task for some appropriate reason
Cancelled: When a task is being cancelled for some appropriate reason
Field engineer Mobile device
Field engineer will get hand held device to maintain their task status. Once the task is dispatched from the
Click schedule to any engineer then the assignment will come on the engineers device. To see the assignment
engineer needs to login in Click Mobile using their credentials.
After login engineer can see the home page of the Click mobile.

1. Schedule:- All assigned task will be listed inside Schedule.

2. Map :- Location of Engineer provided GPS is enabled.

3. Engineer:- Details of Engineer within same Zone.

4. Active Sites:- Number of Active Faults in last 12 Hours within same Zone.
After Clicking on schedule engineer can see all the assignment assigned to them on his
After clicking on any assignment engineer can view the details of the assignment.
Assignment: It will give information about the details of the assignment like Zones, WFM status etc.
Engineer can change the status of the task by selecting the appropriate status.
CI Info: It will give information about Affected CI, Related Affected CI, latitude. Longitude etc.
Related Task: It will give information about the related task in the case of parallel tasks.
As soon as task got dispatched to an engineer, the assignment appears on their mobile devices
Once an engineer changed the status of task to Acknowledged and clicked on save in the mobile the same will
reflect in the Click Schedule.
Once an engineer rejected the task the same will reflect in the Click schedule with the name of last rejected
engineer. Engineer must provide rejection reason to reject a task.
Also an engineer can not complete the task without RFO value. Below error will be thrown.
After entering RFO value and clicking on save then the task will be completed the same will be reflected in
Click Schedule as well.
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