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y world's number 1 exchange in the world in terms of the number of listed companies (over 4900) y It was recognised on a permanent basis on 1957.BSE y Bombay Stock Exchange is the oldest stock exchange in Asia What is now popularly known as the BSE was established as "The Native Share & Stock Brokers' Association" in 1875. .


 BOLT is now a nation wide network connected with the main computer at Mumbai through WAN.00.  BOLT is designed to get best bids and offers from Jobbers¶ book as well as the best buy and sell orders from order book  The capacity of the Tandem hardware of BOLT is 5. . the BSE introduced screen based trading called BOLT.TRADING SYSTEM  In March 1995.000 trades per day (in 6 hours).

Special Margin Concentration Margin Additional Volatility Margin Ad-hoc Margin . c.SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM 1. d. Circuit Filters 2. Margin a. b.

PROTECTION AGAINST DEFAULT  Customer¶s Protection fund.  Insurance cover.  Brokers¶ contingency fund.  Trade Guarantee fund.  Investors¶ grievances. .

.NSE  NSE of India became operational in the capital market on 3rd November 1994 in Mumbai.  The genesis of the NSE in the recommendations of the Pherwani Committee.

 Lack of liquidity in terms of depth and breadth.  Lack of transparency.  Lack of single market due to the inability of various stock exchanges to function cohesively with the legal structure.  Lack of Infrastructure facilities. .  Lack of ability to develop markets for debt.DEFECTS IN INDIAN STOCK MARKET  NSE was recommended because of five major defects in the Indian stock market.

. To meet current international standards of securities market. efficient and transparent securities market to investors. To ensure equal access to investors all over the country through appropriate communication network. To enable shorter settlement cycle and book entry settlement system. debt instruments and hybrids. To provide a fair.OBJECTIVES To establish a nation wide trading facility for equities.

 The communication is carried out with the help of the satellites.  The software in the NSE trading system is known as National Exchange for Automated Trading (NEAT). .  The trading members computers are connected with the central computer at NSE through leased lines and VSAT. 10 crores are listed in NSE.CAPITAL MARKET SEGMENT  The companies with the minimum paid up capital of Rs.

TYPES OF ORDER  Time based orders  A good till day order  Immediate or cancel order  Price based order  Stop loss order .

ADVANTAGES  Wider accessibility  Screen based trading  Non-disclosure of the trading members identity  Transparent transaction  Marching of orders  Effective settlement of corporate benefit  Trading in dematerialized for  SG L facility in the debt market .

Recent Trends in NSE  Expansion  Quality  More liquidity  Less brokerage  Insurance against risk  Quick clearing and settlement  Foreign institutional investors trading .


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