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 is the action or procedure of international integration arising
from the interchange of world views, products, ideas, and other
aspects of culture.
 Globalizing processes affect and are affected
by business and work organization, economics, socio-cultural
resources, and the natural environment.

• This phenomenon afects • economy • business life • society and environment .• Globalisation is a leading concept which has become the main factor in business life during the last few decades.

skilled employee mobility. the exchange of technology. . • a process which integrates world economies. financial funds flow. services and capital. What globalisation is? • free movement of goods. • transfer of information. culture. technology and governance.

. • globalisation has religious. • It covers all dimensions of the world economy. . environment and society. environmental and social dimensions. • Every government has a responsibility to protect all of their economy and domestic market from this rapid changing. To be cont.

. • Globalisation has some opportunities and threats. • learnt how to protect itself from some negative efects and how to get opportunities from this situation. how a company will adapt to this changing? • First of all companies have to know diferent efects of globalisation.

• Knowledge/Information transfer. • Technological development. • Regulation/deregulation. • Intellectual capital mobility. • Portfolio investment (fund transfer between developed countries and emerging markets). • Financial crisis-contagion efect-global crisis. society and environment in diferent ways: • Increasing competition. International standards. Effects of Globalisation • Globalisation afects the economy. • Market integration. . business life.

Spanish.How Does Globalization Effect Apple international market management: global decision making production network geared towards global competition product Interface: Use of Icons.. "+”. .. French.).“ international language software: different language choice (Chinese (simplified/traditional).g. English." . instead of text e.

Potential Impact of Economic Factors on Apple Increased labor costs in China Stagnating middle-class incomes in some developed countries A strong U. Apple depends on a variety of products covered by intellectual property laws . dollar could increase exchange rates Potential Impact of Legal Factors on Apple Apple has recently entered the highly regulated financial services sector increased levels of litigation. planning to enter another highly-regulated sector: automobile manufacturing.S.

POLITICAL AND ECONOMICAL CHANGES BORNE BY THE COMPANY. ISSUES AND BENEFITS FOR THE ORGANIZATION Potential Impact of Political Factors on Apple accumulated a large amount of cash heavily dependent on lower cost manufacturing in China cost of finding alternatives to Chinese manufacturing could be high for Apple Apple’s dependence on Chinese manufacturing and markets become the target of growing nationalism and anti-Americanism Apple’s close association with China could become a political issue in countries Apple’s dominant position in fields .

Competition • Globalisation leads to increased competition • Customers have too much choice in the market. .

Exchange of Technology • One of the most striking manifestations of globalization is the use of new technologies by entrepreneurial and internationally oriented firms • To exploit new business opportunities • Internet and e-commerce .

. Information can be easily transferred • The rapid changing of the market requires also quick transfer of knowledge and eficient using of that knowledge and information. Knowledge/Information transfer • .

. Portfolio investment (Financial fund flows) • Globalisation encourages increased international portfolio investment.

• International standards also regulate markets and economies by means of international principles and rules . • necessary to protect countries against global risks and crises. Regulation/deregulation and international standards • Every new system. instrument or tool requires new rules and regulations to determine its impact area.

Market integration • globalisation leads to the conversion of many markets and economies into one market and economy. • Global stock market projection and Pan- European stock market projection are part of this changing. .

partners and agencies in diferent countries .Qualitative Intellectual capital mobility • capital mobility through knowledge and information transfers. • . One of the reasons is that international/multinational companies have subsidiaries.

Financial crisis-contagion efect-global crisis • As a result of the globalisation impact. • Systemic risk refers to a spreading financial crisis from one country to another country .