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Kurikulum Standard Sekolah Rendah


Three board of theme
World of self, Family and Friends;
World of Stories; and

World of Knowledge.
Framework of the
curriculum model




Listening and Speaking Skill
The listening and speaking is crucial for social
communication at home and school, as well as in
the community.

a) Environmental sounds
b) Instrumental sounds
c) Body percussion
d) Rhythm and rhyme
e) Alliteration
f) Voice sounds
g) Oral blending and segmenting
At the end of the primary education, pupils
should be able to apply knowledge of sounds
of letters to recognize words in order to begin
reading and then move on to the more complex
skill using a range of strategies to construct
meaning from the text read.
a) Handling objects and manipulating them
b) Moving hands fingers using writing apparatus
c) Using corrects posture and pen hold grip
d) Scribbling in clockwise movement
e) Scribbling in anti-clockwise movement
f) Drawing simple strokes up and down
g) Drawing lines from left to right
h) Drawing patterns
Language arts is a new components designed
to create appreciation and enjoyment
amongst pupils as they learn language.

a) nursery rhymes
b) action songs
c) fables
d) stories

Critical Thinking Skill - the ablity to evaluate

an idea

Creative Thinking Skill - generate and produce

Using Thinking Skills

Creative Thinking Skills Critical thinking Skills

(Express Creatively) (Solve Simple Problems)

1) Arranging sentences in
1) Listen to simple sequence
short stories and fairy 2) Matching sentences to
tales and share feelings pictures
about the story. 3) WH Question
2) Create word chains. 4) Tell why a person or
animal in a story is
good or bad
5) Give details of story
6) Give reasons why one
likes or does not like
the story
High Frequency Words



Phonetically decodable words should

be taught according to the principle of
saying sounds in a word in the order in
which they occur.

Some words are not decodable using

the grapheme-phoneme correspondence.
They are also called tricky words.

said little looked

have when called

like what asked

some their could

come people

were mr

there mrs
Focus Listening and Speaking
Theme World of Stories
Topic Rin And Ash
Introduction This lesson focuses on listening and speaking. Activities
are teacher-led where elicits words with the phoneme.
There Should be a lot of encouragement for pupils to
speak and share. Teachers role is to facilitate and
provide a good environmental for listening and speaking
to happen in the classroom.
Content 1.1 Pupils will be able to pronounce words and speak
Standard confidently with the correct stress, rhythm and
Learning 1.1.1 Able to listen and respond to stimulus given with
Standard guidance :
a) environmental sounds
1.1.2 Able to listen to and enjoy simple stories
Objective By the end of the lesson, pupils will be able to :
a) respond to a story heard verbally
b) talk about a stimulus with guidance
Time 30 / 60 minutes
Teaching aids Manila card , power point
Activity Teaching & learning Notes

1. Teacher makes Listening making Sounds of animals

sounds of interpretations Dog - Woof! Woof!
animals and Duck - Quack! Quack!
pupils guess the
sounds Cow - Moo! Moo!

2. Teacher displays Shared reading Speech bubbles on

the story and the text Rin and Ash
reads it aloud Recall and respond
with pupils. Power point
Pupils listen and
follow the next
read. Text manila card or
on power poin.
Assessment :
Able to identify and Identify and Phoneme
pronounce words pronounce words
correctly correctly

Remedial :
1) Pupil points to the Identify and phoneme
problematic words pronounce words
2) Teacher reads correctly
the words
Enrichment :

Get pupils to talk Build confidence Turn Encourage pupils to

about their pet. taking talk
Focus Reading
Theme World of Stories
Topic Rin And Ash
Introduction This lesson focuses on reading. Teacher reads the
story with phoneme.
Content 2.1 Pupils will be able apply knowledge of sounds
Standard of letters to recognise words in linear and non-
linear texts.
Learning 2.1.1 Able to identify and distinguish the shapes of
Standard the letters in the alphabet.
2.1.2 Able to recognise and articulate initial and
medial sounds (phonemes) in single syllable
words within given context.
Objective By the end of the lesson, pupils will be able to :
a) distinguish the phoneme
b) recognise and articulate the phoneme
Time 30 / 60 minutes
Teaching aids Text, power point, word cards, picture cards
Activity Teaching & learning Notes
1. Teacher Show and tell Shows an arm to
introduce the pronounce correctly the pupils to
phoneme with introduce the
parts of the
body -arm. Phoneme
Pupils say after
the teacher
2. Teacher reads Read with correct Text on power point
the speech intonation or manila card
bubbles in
3. Pupils read Guided reading Text on the story
after the emphasis on Rin and Ash
teacher phoneme
4. Get pupils to Power point Word cards
articulate the presentation a) rat
words b) mat
Assessment :
Pupils are able to Recognise and read Emphasis on phoneme
recognise and word
articulate the
phoneme in single
syllable words.
Remedial :
1) Teacher places Identifying Teacher gets ready
objects on the pronunciation objects :
table. hat, cap, mat
2) Pupils take
turns to point at Pictures of hat, cap, mat
the objects and
sat the words.
3) Teacher helps
pupils in their
Enrichment :
Get pupils to tell Story telling
other animal stories
that they know
Focus Writing
Theme World of Stories
Topic Rin And Ash
Introduction This lesson focuses on writing. The main focus of this
lesson will be on getting pupils to form the letters a
in the correct manner.
Content 3.1 Pupils will be able to form letters and words in
Standard neat legible print including cursive writing.
Learning 3.1.1 Able to copy and write in neat legible print.
Standard a) small (lowercase) letters
b) words

Objective By the end of the lesson, pupils will be able to :

a) trace, copy and write the letters a
b) spell words with the letters a
Time 30 / 60 minutes
Teaching aids Manila card, power point, word cards, worksheet,
pictures and objects.
Activity Teaching & learning Notes

1. Teacher gets Integration of Sound in the

pupils to reading and speking beginning Ash
articulate the

2. Demonstrate the Formation of the Use string and form

correct letter a the letter a on the
formation of manila card
letters a
3. Pupils write or Penmanship with Worksheet on trace
form the letter focus on fine motor the letter a
a skills.
4. Fill in the Filling in the blanks Worksheet on write
missing a on the letter a
activity sheet
Assessment :
1) Pupils are able Recalling : tracing,
to trace the copying and forming
letters a
2) Pupils are able
to copy the
letters a

Remedial :
1) Pupils trace Tracing
out the
alphabet a in
the worksheet

Enrichment :
Pupils are given Recalling r s
alphabet cards and
write out the words
that they have a k
Focus Language Arts
Theme World of Stories
Topic Rin And Ash
Introduction This lesson allows pupils to enjoy a story through role
Content 4.3 Pupils will be able to plan, organise and
Standard produce creative works for enjoyment.
Learning 3.1.1 Able to plan and prepare for a performance eith
Standard guidance
c) stories

Objective By the end of the lesson, pupils will be able to :

a) retell the story heard with guidance

Time 30 / 60 minutes
Teaching aids Mask of rat and cat
Activity Teaching & learning Notes

1. Teacher reads Listening and Power point

speech speaking
bubbles. Pupils
2. Teacher reads Role-play Masks of cat and
the story. rat
Teacher asks
for volunteers
to role-play as
cat and rat
Assessment : Observe pupils Able to say words
Teacher checks on role-play with phoneme with
pupils clear pronunciation
1 WORLD OF 1.1.1 Able to 2.1.1 Able to 3.1.2 Able 4.3.2 Able to take
STORIES listen and identify and to part with
respond to distinguish copy guidance in
- RIN a
stimulus the shapes and performance
AND given with of the write based on :
ASH guidance letters in in neat
the legible a) Nursery
a) Environmental alphabet. print rhymes
sounds b) Action
2.1.2 Able to a) Small songs
1.1.4 Able to talk recognize (lowercase)
about a and articulate letters
stimulus with initial, medial
and the final
in single
within given