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Class Assignment

Group Name: Slander

Group partner: Tihani & Danisha
Class: 4 Tennyson
Due Date: 5/02/2016
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1) Definition Of Slander
2) Slander Law
3)Examples Of Slander
4)Lawsuit For Slander
Definition Of Slander:
In which someone tells one or more perso
ns untruth about
another which untruth will harm the reputa
tion of the person defamed. Slander is civil
wrong (tort) and can be the basis for a laws
uit. Damages (payoff for worth) for
slander may be limited to actual (special) d
amages unless there is malicious intent,
since such damages are usually difficult to
specify and harder to prove.
Slander Law
The general harm caused by defamation is
identified as being ridiculed, shamed, hated,
scorned, belittled or held in contempt by others,
and lowers him/her in esteem of a reasonably
prudent person, due to the communication of the
false statement. This tort can result in a lawsuit for
damages. Many states have statutes requiring that
the allegedly damaged party must first demand a
printed retraction of the defamatory statement,
before they may proceed to court
Examples Of Slander
General Slander Example
-Telling someone that a certain person has a sexually
transmitted disease
-Claiming that someone is gay, lesbian or bisexual
Political Slander Examples
-Concerning slander between John Adams and
Thomas Jefferson, Adams organization called
Jefferson "a mean-spirited, low-lived fellow, the
son of a half-breed Indian squaw, sired by a
Virginia mulatto father." They also called him an
atheist, a weakling, a coward and a libertine.
Lawsuit for slander
Know the Rules of the Road. Before filing a
lawsuit, you must carefully read your states
code of civil procedure and the courts local
Establish Jurisdiction. To file a lawsuit in a
particular court, you must first establish
personal jurisdiction
Draft The Complaint. Drafting the complaint
essentially entails writing up your prima facie
Await Defendant's Answer. After being served
with the complaint, the defendant will have a
prescribed amount of time to file an answer.
We should always be careful with details we
upload on the internet especially
pictures,videos and so on. Hackers or specific
people who urges to ruins someones identity
will always use the details we upload on the
internet and twist to another story just to ruin
our reputation. Although cases like slander
will be able to file a lawsuit but its never the
easy way out. Therefore, be careful on what
you post on the internet.