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1. The founders of the University of Perpetual Help System are Dr.

Jose Tamayo and Dr. Josefina Tamayo.

2. UPHS is composed of two systems, namely:

JONELTA- (1968)
DALTA- (1975)
3. UPHS has eight (8) campuses.
Three (3) campuses for DALTA.
DALTA UPHS Las Pinas (Main Campus, DALTA UPHS Molino Campus , DALTA
UPHS Calamba Campus

Five (5) campuses for JONELTA.

GMA Campus, JONELTA UPHS Pangasinan Campus, JONELTA UPHS Isabela Campus
UPHS- Logo
Greek Initials- for Mother of God Crown- placed
on the original
STAR- on Our picture by order
Ladys Veil- She of the Holy See
is the star of the in 1867. It is a
Sea. Who token of the
brought the light many miracles
of Christ to the wrought by Our
darkened Lady invoked
worldthe star under the title of
that leads us safe Perpetual
port of Heaven. Help.

Greek Initials- Greek Initials-

for St. Michael for St. Gabriel
the Archangel. the
He is depicted Archangel.He
holding the holds the Cross
lance and gall and the nails.
sop of Christs
Passion. Marys Eyes-
are large for all
Marys Mouth- troubles. They
is small for silent are turned
recollection. She toward us
speaks little. always.

Red Tunic- the Greek Initials

color worn by for Jesus
virgins at the Christ.
time of Christ.
Marys Left
Dark Blue Hand-
Mantle-the supporting
color worn by Christ
mothers in possessively. She
Palestine. Mary is his Mother. It
is both Virgin Christs Hands- turned palms down into his Mothers indicate that the graces of redemption are in Her keeping. is a comforting
and Mother. hand for
Falling Sandal- the symbol of a soul clinging to Christ by one last thread- the devotion to Mary.
everyone who
calls on Her.
Perpetual Help thy fount of truth
Where knowledge emanates;
Where we have learned life will bear fruit
For us success awaits;
Thy children here we sing for thee;
We raise our voices clear;
We shout and cheer in unity
For Alma Mater dear.

Training the mind and the heart and the hand,

Ready to serve as best as we can;
Perpetual help by thy banner we stand,
Loyal and true spread thy fame
O'er the land.
The University of Perpetual Help System is dedicated to the development of
the Filipino as a leader. It aims to graduate dynamic students who are physically,
intellectually, socially and spiritually committed to the achievement of the highest
quality of life.
As a system of service in health and education, the University of Perpetual
Help System is dedicated to the formation of Christian service and research-
oriented professional, leader and citizen with great social concern and with
commitment to the delivery of quality education and health care.
It shall produce Perpetualites who outstandingly value the virtues of reaching
out and helping others as vital ingredients to nation building.
The University of Perpetual Help System shall emerge as the premiere university
South of Metro Manila and in the Southern tagalong Region. Is shall provide a venue for
pursuit of excellence in academics, technology, and research through community
Specifically, the university shall tale the role of a catalyst for human
development. It shall continue to inculcate values as a way of strengthening the moral
fiber of the Filipino individual, proud of their race and prepared for exemplary global
participation in the arts, sciences, humanities and business.
It foresees the Filipino people enjoying a quality of life and abundance, living in
peace and building a nation that the next generation
Character Building is Nation
Core Values
1. UPHS and the Perpetualite
2. Love of God, Self. Neighbor and Country
3. Value of Catholic Doctrines
4. Academic and Professional Exellence
5. Love of Country and Solidarity
The Founder's Creed
Today is ours, why be afraid?

Today is ours, our labors we have made

Lets banish anxiety, banish sorrow

Today makes our tomorrow.