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Consumer Protection Act 1986

Definition of Consumer
The consumer is one who has purchased
goods or who has availed of or hired services.
In the consumer protection act, the word
consumer has been defined separately for
the purpose of goods & services.

Rights of consumer:-
1. Right to safety 6. right to consumer
2. Right to be informed 7. right to basic
3. Right to choose
4. Right to be heard
Consumer disputes & complaint
Unfair trade practices [sec 2(1) (r)]
Unfair trade practices means a trade
practices which for the purpose of promoting
the sale, use or supply of any goods or for the
provision of any services adopts any unfair
method including any of the following: -
1. Misleading advertisement & false
2. Offering gifts, prizes etc., conducting
contest or lottery.
3. Not conforming to prescribed standards
4. Hording or destruction of goods
Consumer dispute redressal
District forum
This is consumers District redressal forum
started by the state government in each
district. It entertains complaint of consumer
for the value of goods & services when
compensation claimed is less than Rs. 5 lac.

The consumer files a written complaint &

forum settles the dispute as per set
procedure. The forum proceedings cannot
be challenged in any court. An appeal
against its order can be filed to the STATE
COMMISSION within a period of 30 days.
The district forum is required to take a
decision within thirty days in respect of goods
& forty five days in case of services.
The district forum shall issue an order for
punishment to the opposite party directing
him to take one or more of the following:-
a) To remove the defect
b) To replace the goods
c) To return the complainants price
d) To pay compensation to the consumer for
any loss or injury suffered by the consumer
or complainant.
State commission
Its member are: A high court judge who is its
President & two other members--- one of
whom should be a woman.
It entertains complaint for not less than Rs. 5
lac and not more than Rs. 20 lacs & appeals
against order of district forum.
It settles dispute as per set procedure
adopted by state government & laid down by
the act. The state commission of maharashtra
is located in Mumbai. An appeal against the
order of the state commission can be made to
the National Commission within a period of
30 days from the date of the order.
National commission
This is the highest authority to settle
consumers complaint & dispute. It comprise
the President (who is or was Supreme Court
judge) & four other members one of whom
must be a woman.
Its original jurisdiction is to entertain
complaint for more than Rs. 20 lacs & its
allocated jurisdiction is to hear & decide
appeal against State Commission. It follows
the same procedure as one followed by
district forum or state commission. An appeal
against its order can be made to the
Supreme Court, within 30 days rom the
date of order.